Letters to the editor - 3/27/03

March 27, 2003

Saddam must be eliminated

To the editor:

I am very proud to see Americans exercising one of the many freedoms granted to them by the United States Constitution. What a great feeling it is to live in a country where you can protest without fear of being put into a torture or rape camp.

The only problem with these protests is that some protesters are against sustaining the very freedoms which they are acting under. In a photograph on the cover of this morning's (March 21) paper was a picture of a group of protesters. One of the protesters was holding a sign that read, "Support our troops. Bring them home." I understand this doesn't represent the opinion of all protesters, but many feel this way. Thus I ask these protesters, would you like for Americans to withdraw from Iraq and allow the current regime to sustain control, with Saddam Hussein at the helm?


I do not think that anyone can truly doubt that Hussein has weapons of mass destruction in his possession. And certainly nobody can doubt he will use them, for he has attacked his own citizens with these weapons. So to the protesters who want us to leave Iraq, that truly would be us making our own death wish.

Sept. 11 proved to us that terrorists will do anything to destroy America. We have already lost more than 3,000 citizens to these terrorists. Do you really want to leave them around to kill thousands more? Obviously these protesters enjoy the freedoms which we live with. Leaving these dictators of Iraq in power is a great risk to our way of life.

I am not saying that I support the mass murder of innocent Iraqi civilians, for committing this type of attack would simply make us terrorists. President Bush has promised America will not intentionally kill innocent civilians and so far in his term of presidency he has never misled us. If America does purposefully kill Iraqi civilians then I would consider those attacks to be inhumane.

So I ask the protesters, if you truly want the best for the Iraqi citizens don't you wish they could live under the same freedoms which you obviously enjoy? The seizing and restructuring of the Iraqi government is in the best interest of all. All Americans need to support our country as we try to rid the world of the terrorist groups which have cost so many innocent citizens their lives and freedom.

David Warrenfeltz III

There's still plenty to debate

To the editor:

On March 21, your editorial read "The time for done." I could not disagree more. If not now, when? This country's greatness is rooted in unending debate.

The editorial goes on to say that. "Citizens' attention must now be focused on those Americans doing the fighting." I want President Bush to turn his attentions to our troops. I want him to support them by bringing them home.

Support them by removing them from harm's way. I believe this war is an unjustifiable and unprovoked atrocity. Our own proud and brave troops will pay the most dearly for it, second only to the innocent women and children of Iraq.

I want Mr. Bush to stop this war today and use the next two years making a difference for peace and good. A person in his position has an obligation to lead the world in peaceful, nonviolent policy and he has, instead, turned this nation in to a xenophobic bully.

Vigilantism can not be the continued policy of the United States of America if we are to remain a great and respectable nation among many. Mr. Bush is abusing the power and position we have acquired in the global community and he is suffocating the proud history of this country.

Fern Otero Wroten
Oakland, Md.

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