Chef Dieter Blosel offers tips for making recipes

March 26, 2003

All of Schmankerl Stube Chef Dieter Blosel's recipes are in grams. He doesn't use cup measures.

He weighed all ingredients and converted to ounces for his Women's Club audience.

Tips on making Lothringer Specktorte:

Blosel likes to use pasteurized processed eggs in cartons, which eliminate worries about salmonella contamination. Whole eggs, yolks and whites are available.

You can make the dough ahead, because it has to rest.

The Specktorte can be halfway made ahead of time. Put the pan with the dough in the fridge as early as two days before you plan to serve it. Put the other ingredients together in five or 10 minutes right before the party.

You have to push a little bit when you roll out the dough. The dough is pretty hard.

Blosel usually uses a rectangular rather than round pan for his Lothringer Specktorte.

"It makes more sense to me," he said.

Try to get the dough all in one piece, so that when the egg mixture is poured in, it doesn't get under a crack in the dough.


The dough needs to bake "blind" for about 10 minutes before the filling is added. Blosel said he learned that term from a television cooking show.

"Just be a little careful with salt. Add slowly," he cautioned. "You can always add more."

This golden cheesy creation doesn't have to be eaten hot. It's good warm, Blosel says.

Tips on making Mousse Au Chocolate

Measure out all ingredients first.

You can refrigerate the whipped egg white mixture so that it keeps its peaks while you whip the cream.

"You can freeze this stuff. Let it defrost in the refrigerator."

Mousse Au Chocolate will be good if refrigerated, but for no more than two or three days.

Blosel melted the chocolate and combined with egg-yolk mixture in a bowl he said was a little larger than he'd like. The chocolate cooled as a result, and there were tiny pieces of chocolate in the Mousse.

Let your guests think you did it on purpose, he advised.

"However it turns out is the way it should be."

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