The space between has me ... pondering

March 25, 2003|by BOB PARASILITI

Today, I find myself in the "no man's land" of sports.

In layman's terms, that's the break between the winter and spring seasons.

It's too late to comment on events that happened during winter's regular season (unless there is something about the NBA and NHL, neither of which are confined to one calendar season) and too soon to have full-blown thoughts about the upcoming spring seasons.

It's too late to write about NCAA brackets, for two reasons. First, every sports writer in the country had their opinions and voiced them by now. Second, my bracket collapsed like the implosion of the Kingdome.

So, I guess it's time to scratch my head and ponder some questions I have been unable to find answers for.

  • Why are the announcers at NCAA Tournament games so annoying?

    They make a living getting excited about the obvious while overlooking the big picture.

    Case in point: There was drool over Maryland and Michigan State's Sunday victories over Xavier and Florida. Granted, both played well to earn spots in the Sweet 16. It was easy. Especially since Xavier and Florida got amnesia when it came to defense, which is funny for two teams considered to be among the top 12 in the nation by their seeding.

    Every highlight had a Terp or Spartan going to the hoop while Florida and Xavier players looked like they were posed in Macy's front window. Xavier, in particular, was known for having two top-notched big men but let Ryan Randle - who has been less than dependable inside - dominate the paint. How? Terrapins' passing and Xavier's passiveness.

    And before you Maryland fans come after me saying I'm not giving the Terps their due and I hate them and the usual creative things about my family because you don't agree with me, work on your memory.

    Maryland was lucky to even be playing on Sunday after the lackluster Houdini act of Friday. Drew Nicholas may have made the big shot, but Maryland won that game with 40 seconds remaining when UNC-Wilmington took a 3-pointer on a fast break instead of running the clock.

  • Is it fate or is NASCAR trying to get fans of the future now?

    Guys who just earned their driver's permits are winning this year instead of old favorites. Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth and Ryan Newman among others are consistently spraying champagne, while old icons like the Gordons, Earnhardts, Wallaces, Martins and Elliotts are back in the garage loading their trucks.

    So, if all the parts and set up of the cars are equal, how did these old pros become so dumb?

    I'm not claiming fix, but the passing of the torch from the guys who made the sport a national favorite to the new kids on the block was like a baton at a relay race.

  • So, are the Baltimore Orioles serious or just kidding fans?

    A few years ago, they were buying up talent faster than rappers turn out CDs.

    The Orioles had big expectations but didn't win and were left holding an empty bag.

    Now, they are being frugal and trying to win without breaking the piggy bank.

    Admirable, but it's not working either.

    Players know which teams are serious about winning and which are just taking the field because they have nice uniforms. Baltimore, once a goal for most players to call home, is now a team that's a last resort.

    Need proof? Here it is in seven words. Rick Helling, Omar Daal and Deivi Cruz.

    Of these Oriole additions, two don't hit because they are pitchers and the other can't.

    That's not going to get the O's off the doormat in the American League East.

    Their hitting is suspect and their pitching is questionable.

Like everything else, this has to make one question and wonder what's going on.

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