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Tri-State area residents speak out on the war

March 24, 2003

"Hi. I'm a 10-year-old girl. My thoughts on the war with Iraq was exceptional because they were building nuclear bombs. So, as long as they don't have a war over here, I'm all right with it. Thank you."

"This is for the second Einstein who called in Mail Call - that you put in Mail Call today - about the United States having missiles and not being the one who threatens or attacks other countries without provocation. Duh."

"I am appalled by the war. All the talk of chemical and biological warfare makes you wonder if we live in a sane society. Who in their right mind would ever think war was a good idea?"

"I think on the war with Iraq, it's alright because all we asked for was for them to disarm and that's not a hard thing to do. And they should have did it and we shouldn't have went into war. Thank you. Bye." (child caller)


"Hi. In response to the war that we're into now, it's not a war of the people, it is the war of President Bush and Hussein, and I'm sorry that we are involved in it. We should not have this war. We should let the president and their president fight it out. Thank you."

"As I sat and watched the World Trade towers fall that September day, I was looking within myself and others to provide comfort, courage, bravery. I need it. The Lord was first and my family and friends. I also needed to know how our president would react and respond. Even when George Bush was faced with a task that would make most want to seek shelter, that day when I saw him standing on that pile of rubble in New York, you cannot take away his courage or the love for his country or the way he made me feel proud that we would pursue anyone that tries to take our freedom away. God bless our president and soldiers."

"Yes, I'd like to respond to the thoughts on the war with Iraq. We are very fortunate in the United States to be able to express our opinions on anything at all including opposition to things we don't like or disagree with. However, once we have committed our military troops, for example, in an area like Iraq, as a father of two military boys and a daughter-in-law in the military, I don't think anybody would like to exchange places with my wife or I and our concern for the safety of our children and continue to go on letting the world think we are just everybody going in a different direction. We all need to lay our differences aside now. We've committed our troops, we need to support them. I would ask everybody to please give consideration to supporting our troops now and just lay our differences aside and make that our number one issue. Thank you."

"One caller expressed his view that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with Osama's Sept. 11 attack on America. Well, how about this? Osama said he hated Americans and wanted to destroy us because United States troops were on, and thus defiled, the precious soil of his homeland, Saudi Arabia. So why are our troops in Saudi Arabia? They are there because we had to get Saddam out of Kuwait and also Saudi Arabia. You see, Saddam had planned to take over Saudi Arabia's oil wells, too. So, if Saddam had not taken possession of Kuwait, our troops would never have been stationed in Saudi Arabia. And Osama may never have caused the Sept. 11 attack on America. Get the connection?"

"To the person who thinks that President Bush has the whole world upset, if you think you could do such a better job, why don't you run in the next election? Thank you."

"I want to express my support for the troops who are across the world in the war with Iraq, but I don't support our president of the United States. We need a regime change here in the United States."

"I support Bush and his actions. I don't think he had any other options. He done what he had to do. I think the hatred for American's was great even before he made this move. This isn't World War II. They have a lot of hatred for America and we have to stand up for ourselves. As far as these protesters, I was just curious if you can protest in Iraq? But I think we all know the answers for that."

"I am embarrassed of the demonstrators' behavior in San Francisco, as they should be ashamed of themselves. All the protesting will not stop this war from going forward. I am not saying I am not for peaceful protesting; however, what I believe what we need to do is to now get behind our fellow Americans to use all of our energy and resources to make them feel supported because they are over there risking their lives fighting this war. We have already had some Americans who have died over there. I don't want these men and women returning to this country not feeling that they were supported while they were over there. I don't want another situation like the Vietnam War, where they returned to find that thousands of people in their own country turned their backs on them. This is a time for this country to pull together, whether we believe in this war or not. We have to stand up and be strong, be Americans and support our troops that are over there."

"If you were American, you all would be supporting our servicemen, who are humans just like us instead of waging war over here by protesting the war. Guess what, dummies, the war is continuing, we are going to win it, so stop whining about the war. Do something positive for a change, sign up and you go over there and fight."

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