Letters to the editor - 3/24/03

March 24, 2003

Seniors citizens not the financial drain Munson thinks

To the editor:

What is Washington County Commissioner John Munson talking about? Does he know how profits and non-profits differ? A profit-making entity receives a return on a business undertaking after all operating expenses have been met. A non-profit is usually an agency that provides services to the community or its citizens therein, without the expectation of a financial return.

At this point I shall express my thoughts with regard to the seniors in Washington County. The mission of the Commission on Aging, a non-profit, is to assist seniors to live independently with dignity for as long as possible.

Where does Commissioner Munson get information suggesting that Washington County citizens do not want their tax dollars going to non-profits? What solutions does he have for seniors living on fixed income, who have paid taxes to the county, city, state and federal governments for 50 years or more? Medical expenses, including prescriptions and other daily living costs are a burden for many of our seniors. Some are choosing between medicine and adequate food.


No, Commissioner Munson, seniors are not a financial drain on the county. I invite you to read the annual report of the Commission on Aging. This report will provide you with some measure of information that you feel unnecessary to the pronouncements you are prone to make.

Belinda Corbett

Charles Town needs structural change

To the editor:

The beautification of downtown proceeds apace. Soon Charles Town, W.Va., will be much more attractive. Developed into a major tourist destination, downtown Charles Town could become economically viable; however, that may never happen.

Although millions of tourists visit the area, very few visit Charles Town. Why? There is no infrastructure. Where would they park their cars? Not to mention buses.

Why is there no infrastructure? Because the county government has a death grip on that infrastructure. Have you tried to park in Charles Town? Do you really think all those cars in the bank parking lots are employees or customers of the banks? County government is a bad neighbor.

The commission refuses to accept that county government has outgrown downtown Charles Town. Although county government must be located in the county seat, it does not have to be located in downtown Charles Town.

In the 25 years from 1973 to 1998 the City of Charles Town grew 53 percent (from 460 acres to 683 acres). In the last three years (1999-2002) the City of Charles Town grew 350 percent (from 683 acres to 1,724 acres).

Surely, within or adjacent to Charles Town, the county can find a tract for a government center. Ideally, the county should purchase a large tract to ensure that there would be space for all future governmental services (school board, state, federal, etc.).

Earl Jackson
Charles Town, W.Va.

Sale aids North

To the editor:

On Saturday, March 29, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m., North Hagerstown High PTSA is hosting the First Annual Rummage Sale to support students at North High. To make it a success, we need your help. Donations are being accepted at the school on Friday, March 28, from 2:30 until 7:30.

We will accept just about anything you can bring in: clothing, jewelry, tools, household items, toys, office supplies, etc. We are also in need of baked goods. The money that will be raised will support activities at North High and directly benefit the students.

With spring in the air, spring cleaning is not far behind. Now is a great time to donate those items that are no longer needed and make spring cleaning a little easier. Plus you will be donating to a great cause.

If you would like to volunteer on Friday or Saturday, or for more information, please contact Frannye Wade, PTA 1st vice president, at (301) 797-4960.

Frannye Wade
Jenny Belliotti

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