Letters to the editor - 3/20/03

March 20, 2003

PenMar must communicate with Cascade community

To the editor:

I am very disappointed in the PenMar Development Corp. (PMDC) March 9 letter. Rich Rook uses the firing-range controversy as a means of attacking the Cascade Committee and its members.

Civic groups such as the Cascade Committee serve an important purpose in our democracy. Civic Committees serve as a "check" on our government and ensure that the government is held accountable and acting in the best interest of the people they are supposed to be serving. PMDC was created and chartered for the sole purpose of helping the citizens of Cascade and the surrounding communities. What could be more American (and more democratic) than a community of citizens banding together to help make their community stronger?

Rook is wrong to complain about the Cascade Committee, admonishing that only he knows what is best for the community and only he will make absolute decisions. The patronizing tone of his letter is far off the mark. The citizens of Cascade and the surrounding communities do not need a benevolent dictator. These citizens are trying to rebuild their community after losing 2,000 jobs lost when Fort Ritchie closed.


Rook implied that the Cascade Committee was not interested in economic redevelopment. Of course they are! They are interested in improving their quality of life, making their community more vibrant, saving their community school, and making sure that their government is acting in their best interest. How many jobs has PMDC created (besides Rook's)?

The Cascade Committee believes that PMDC should follow the Community Guide to Base Reuse that outlines how to work with communities. PMDC and Rook must work with the Cascade Committee. Government must be accountable to its citizens, and not the other way around.

John Powers
Washington, D.C.

It's Daschle's fault

To the editor:

What a wonderful day it was when Elizabeth Smart was brought home. Nine months after she was taken from her bed, two people who were paying attention to their surroundings and the police worked together to bring this young girl home.

Everyone I know was elated to hear this news. Then it happened. Ed Smart used the occasion of his daughter's return home to push his political views. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Even if it were true, I would think he could have waited a couple of days or so before trying to lay this on someone's doorstep. He was claiming that the Republicans were to blame because Megan's Law wasn't passed into law in a timely fashion. If Smart were smart he would remember that Tom Daschle was holding everything up.

He would not let anything go through into law. Even now, the Democrats will tie everything up with filibusters, because they don't want the president's choices for judges. These people put their own agenda before everything else. Even before the security of The United States of America.

We have seen in the past how Tom Daschle will do anything to knock the Republicans out of power, then when he is in power he will "fix" what is broken. I believe he is blinded by the thought of so much power that he can't see that if he succeeds, there will be no country left to fix.

Smart appears to be the same. I don't know of very many people who would use a time of thanksgiving to slam the other party. What a day! Thanksgiving and sadness, all mixed together.

James Bailey

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