Sheriff presents budget proposal

March 19, 2003|by TARA REILLY

Washington County Sheriff Charles F. Mades presented a proposed $13.7 million budget to the County Commissioners on Tuesday, an increase of $1.2 million over the Sheriff's Department budget for the current fiscal year.

The Sheriff's Department's budget for the current fiscal year is $12.5 million.

The proposed fiscal year 2004 budget includes $202,410 for 10 replacement cruisers and $790,650 for contracted medical services for inmates.

Mades also has proposed hiring three new correctional deputies for the Washington County Detention Center. The detention center currently has 89 correctional deputies and a total of 105 employees.

The Sheriff's Department budget is made up of money for the judicial, patrol and detention divisions and the Narcotics Task Force.

The proposed department budget includes:

  • $961,900 for the judicial division, an increase of $67,148 over 2003's $894,752 judicial budget.

  • $5.1 million for the patrol division, an increase of $669,997 over the 2003 patrol budget of $4.4 million.

  • $7.4 million for the detention division, which is $452,103 more than fiscal 2003's $6.9 million budget.

  • $330,164 for the Narcotics Task Force, a $24,916 increase over the $305,248 fiscal 2003 budget.

The Sheriff's Department has about 200 employees.

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