How the job training program will work

March 17, 2003

Hagerstown Community College's new Job Training Institute will help unemployed and underemployed people prepare for, obtain and keep good jobs.

  • Potential students will be identified with the help of local social services agencies.

  • Prospective students will participate in an intake interview to determine their needs and an appropriate course of action.

  • Prospective students will be assessed or provided with assessment information from either HCC, their high school, social service agency or other referral source.

  • Students will participate in an extensive orientation at HCC.

  • Students will work with HCC staff members to develop an educational development plan that includes initial short-term job training, financial aid information and how to continue their education after their job success.

  • Each student will be assigned to an HCC staff member and/or community adjunct to serve as a mentor and adviser. Frequent in-person, telephone and e-mail contact will be expected between the student and adviser.

  • Tutoring and other intervention strategies will be used to help ensure student success.

  • Institute staff members will help students who complete the program search for jobs, prepare rsums, and develop interviewing skills.

  • Students who complete the program will be surveyed to evaluate the program's effectiveness and gauge when and if students plan to continue their education.

  • Students who complete the program will be contacted monthly for support.

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