Jefferson County Commission briefs

March 14, 2003|by

New classrooms to be built

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - A total of 113 classrooms at varying grade levels will have to be built within six years to serve Jefferson County Schools' growing student population, school officials said Thursday.

The 113 classrooms break down as follows: 35 high school classrooms, 54 elementary school classrooms and 24 middle school classrooms, said Jeff Bresee, who has been working on a capital improvements plan for Jefferson County Schools.

School officials said it is unclear how many schools will be needed to supply the 113 classrooms.

The plan is to pay for the extra classrooms through revenues collected by impact fees, which are fees collected from housing developers to help offset the cost of increased services needed because of population growth.

Bresee reviewed the classroom numbers with the Jefferson County Commissioners, who would have to implement any impact fees in the county.


Jefferson County Community Ministries offers aid
CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - About 25 new families a week are coming to Jefferson County Community Ministries for help in obtaining food and clothing, the executive director of the organization said Thursday.

The organization, located at 238 W. Washington St., was set up to offer people short-term assistance until they can work out solutions to financial problems.

Besides food and clothing, the agency offers financial help for people to deal with essential expenses such as medicine, utilities, rent, heating fuel and gasoline to help them get to work, executive director Jane Bowers said.

The influx of families that have been arriving at the center each week has coincided with the struggling economy, Bowers told the Jefferson County Commissioners Thursday.

Bowers made the comments during a budget request she was making to the commission.

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