Mail Call for 3/13

March 14, 2003

"If they are sending all of our troops overseas, I was wondering who was over here in the United States protecting us?"

"I want to send a congratulations to the students at the Technical High School who were inducted into the National Honor Society on Tuesday night. Great job to those young men and women and their special achievements."

"I was reading about the older man on Madison Avenue that got beat up and robbed by two black males. Now, this is the second time this has happened on this street. When are they going to do something? They should have cameras on Madison Avenue and Elizabeth Street."

"I passed the tavern on Alternate 40 again this past weekend and there were at least 10 cars parked along the shoulder again. There is an accident waiting to happen and I just wanted to tell you, 'I told you so.'"


"In response to the person asking about the pellet stove. I have a Harman pellet stove. It's an insert in my fireplace. I have a rancher. This year, we have used about two-and-a-half tons of pellets at about $130 per ton. If the pellets are dark in color and have a good oak smell, they are good pellets."

"Concerning the mother that doesn't let her 50-year-old daughter go. What about an 85-year-old mother who still rules her 62-year- old son? Whose fault is it, his or hers?"

"I believe we should go into Iraq after Saddam. But I am also a firm believer that whatever president starts a war, should be in the front lines himself."

"How much longer are we going to tolerate this president? Six more years."

"As a concerned parent, I would still like to know what happened to the Junior League basketball league coach that displayed such terrible, rude mannerism in front of all the kids and parents?"

"Responding to the many people who have questions about free meds in Maryland. You can call the Maryland MedBank Program at 301-393-3441. They have a wonderful staff to work with and they will determine if you are eligible for the program."

"I read in Tuesday's paper where Funkstown wants the city of Hagerstown and the Maryland State Highway Administration to donate money to them to build a pedestrian bridge over a drainage swale on Frederick Street. I think this is ridiculous. If they give them this, they are crazy."

"I need help. Can someone help me find a vet that will take a payment plan? We are elderly and can't afford to make the payment at one time."

"You should change Mail Call to Political Call. Your column is getting way too political."

"I am calling in reference to the person who said about the fuel oil. I have the same problem with my fuel company. When I call mine, they tell me that I can only order a certain amount. I think something should be done about this oil business."

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