State Police barrack to get a new commander

March 12, 2003|by MARLO BARNHART

Last spring when Lt. Greg Johnston took over as Maryland State Police barrack commander in Hagerstown, he said he hoped he'd get to stay for a while in his home community.

He will, but as of March 19, Johnston will be reassigned as second in command under newly assigned Hagerstown barrack commander, Capt. Rob Turano, as a reorganization of the entire agency continues to ripple through the state.

"Everything is being pushed down a rank and that will put more people on the road," Johnston said Tuesday.

The reorganization will mean Hagerstown is getting six people - on paper.

"Actually we are netting five but two of them are already working in the drug task force, with the difference being they will now answer to the barrack instead of headquarters."


The bottom line for troopers added to road patrols is two, Johnston said. "It's all still being worked out but I do know that more sergeants will also be on the road in this plan."

The Hagerstown barrack lost Trooper 1st Class Wayne Smith to the new homeland security division which will be based in Columbia, Md., Johnston said.

In the reorganization initiated by Col. Edward Norris, four bureaus have been established within the Maryland State Police. In addition to the new homeland security/intelligence bureau, there is an operations bureau, administration bureau, and information and technology bureau, he said in a press release about the plan.

In addition, the five former field operations bureaus are being consolidated into two regions, Norris said.

Part of the plan includes reassignment of a number of barrack commanders.

Now a captain, Turano had the rank of 1st sergeant when he was stationed in Hagerstown before. Then he was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to the Frederick barrack as commander.

"I'm happy to be back in my home area," Turano said Tuesday by telephone. "I am looking forward to serving this community."

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