Blast from the Past

March 12, 2003

Week of March 9, 1953

Hagerstown Boy Scouts participated in the rabbit trapping program of the State Game and Inland Fish Commission during February and succeeded in capturing 35 wild bunnies within the city limits. The rabbits will be liberated throughout the county to furnish sport for hunters next fall. The boys were paid 75 cents for each rabbit trapped. The champion trapper was Richard Evans, 913 Frederick St., who had six to his credit.

A calf born last night on the farm of Samuel Rice, Rohrersville, is going to find the going tough come summer and flies. It was born without any sign of a tail.

Yellow jaundice isn't licked yet in Washington Co. Residents of the Sharpsburg area, where the disease was first reported, said that new cases are continuing to appear. Also, at least one case has been reported miles away from the Sharpsburg area, in Pinesburg.

Week of March 9, 1978

The head of Western Maryland's state police forces said today his men were prepared to quickly "defuse" any trouble that might break out here when striking coal miners are ordered back to work under the Taft-Hartley Act.


Spring can't come soon enough for Washington County towns whose budgets have been hard hit by the snow and cold.

With tons of snow and ice to move and miles of frozen pipes and pock-marked streets to repair, towns' budgets have been stretched to the limit. Hancock and Williamsport were hardest hit, according to an informal survey by The Morning Herald.

The task force planning the layout of the Ditto Farms Regional Park on Mount Aetna Road is looking for ideas from the public for recreational facilities in the proposed park.

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