Let the cheers ring out

March 11, 2003|by BOB PARASILITI

Once again, sports in Washington County may get kicked in the backside.

That is, if you don't stub your toe on a bleacher seat while trying to make contact with the collective butts of sports fans.

Just about the time high school athletics have a chance to stand on its own two feet, it seems like someone or something tells the fans to take a seat.

In Washington County, a rumor surfaced of a possible edict that would prohibit students to stand up and cheer at games. Such moves are considered unsportsmanlike and are viewed as not treating the opposition fairly.


That's funny. There was a time when going to a game was fun. You could whoop and holler and go crazy - within limits - to give your team - usually the home team - the emotional edge and a real advantage on the home court.

Those days are about gone in Washington County.

Now fans - specifically kids - might as well be doing yoga when they go to games. Buy a ticket and get yourself in the lotus position. Please, forego the chanting ... It could be considered negative.

Rumor has it that all basketball games will be played in the library.

But really now. Standing up and getting excited at games is supposed to be natural. It's like popcorn at a movie or jelly with peanut butter.

The ability to stand has been a staple in life over history. Psychologists will tell you when standing, a person tends to be more confident and gives the impression of being in control.

Afterall, where would the pilgrims be if they had Myles Sit-ish?

What kind of hit would "Sit By Your Man" be?

Where kind of crowd would it be if it was "sitting room only?"

Ever try a handsit?

Wouldn't it be kind of tough to hunt from a deer sit?

Would a team ever withsit a rally?

It's just ridiculous to force fans to sit at a game.

The other day at the Brunswick at Poolesville Class 1A playoff game, the Falcon student body stood the entire game, chanting, yelling and screaming support. Sure there were some yells of "Air ball" and "It's all over." but that's part of the fun of being a fan.

Just because they were on their feet, it didn't mean there was going to be negative. In fact, Poolesville has a sign, high on the gym wall, promoting sportsmanship.

Teachers stood in the background watching, but the young fans were excited and showed they were firmly behind their team. There were no incidents.

I guess that means that Montgomery County kids are much more smarter and more mature than these in Washington County.

The problem is that parents and school stand-ard bearers don't want to take the time to discipline the kids and show them the right and wrong ways to have fun at a game.

It's not hard to see. The only parents at games are those who have kids playing or cheering - and some of them can't seem to support correctly. Meanwhile, very few teachers would be caught dead at a sporting event because they are off the clock.

It's funny where some people think a child's education begins and ends. They forget how sports - both playing and watching - can teach great lessons.

Now that's really a double stand-ard.

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