Mail Call for 3/7

March 10, 2003

"We are blessed to have Mark Myers as a friend and neighbor. Every year, after it snows, Mark clears our sidewalk and driveway as well as the local neighbors' walks. He does it without saying a word. It is such a treat to go outside and see the walks and driveway cleared. We appreciate his hard work. He is such a kind neighbor. Thanks, Mark, from Clark and Joan Mayer."

"I want to make a comment on the opinion given in Wednesday's Mail Call about how wonderful Bill Clinton is. Apparently, that person doesn't know that Bill and Hillary are both working toward the U.N.'s one world government. We now have the U.N. International Criminal Court, which claims to be the supreme legal authority in the land, even higher than our Supreme Court. Just before midnight in December 2000, then President Bill Clinton signed the U.N. Treaty creating the UN Court."


"To the person who said that Mr. (John) Munson wasn't dumb. Then he should step down before the voters ask him to resign. All voters will be grateful and I will be the first person to take a petition to sign for Munson to step down from the office of county commissioner. I am a voter and a taxpayer, my name is Kate."

- Hagerstown

"In reference to the slot machine issues. I say bring them on. The people in Maryland need a wake-up call. Maryland money leaves here and goes to Charles Town, Atlantic City and Dover every day. Didn't you people read the paper the other week of how much money Charles Town takes in? If you people that are complaining don't want to gamble, don't! It's that simple. What do you call bingo, lottery, scratch-offs? Not gambling? Get real. P.S., I'm going to Atlantic City this weekend."

"A recent financial projection was $44,600 for my daughter to attend college at Towson University, beginning in the fall of 2004 for four years. Fifty percent of this cost was room and board. This financial burden could be reduced by her living at home while attending Hagerstown Community College for two years and the new downtown educational facility for two years. Now there are serious doubts that the classes she will need will ever be offered at this new downtown location. Smart growth, dumb planning."

"In regards to the response about the disability. I agree that people on disability, if they are able to work, should be allowed to work. But what I am saying, if they are working and getting paid under the table, they are ripping off the system. They are making it difficult for people who really need the jobs. God knows what you have been doing. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time, but you can never fool God."

"Why is everything over at the County Commissioners' building a big secret? I would like to know why Greg Snook is keeping Alan Davis' situation a big secret. As a registered voter and taxpayer of Washington County, I would like to know what is going on. First of all, Snook is lucky that he is even a county commissioner, the only reason he got voted in was because of his last name."

"In reference to the reply that was in Mail Call about a daughter being a daughter forever. What is a husband supposed to do, be married to the mother and the daughter forever?"

"To the person who put in Mail Call about pellet stoves. I have one in my home. I had it inserted in my fireplace. This is my second one. The first one was a Whitfield and this one is a Harmon. I wouldn't want to be without this pellet stove. It is an even heat. You will learn to love it. It has economical pellets that you can buy cheap. You buy your pellets in 40-pound bags, you dump a bag in every day. You can set your thermostat the way you want it. You can set it at room temperature or stove temperature. I have mine set at room temperature. I have a one-story rancher and all through the winter months and through the cold, my house has always been around 72 to 75 degrees. If you are interested, I recommend them."

"I have a child that uses the teen center on Main Street in Hancock. I would like for someone to tell me why there is no exit other than the front door. If there is a freak accident and if the front door is blocked or if a fire occurs, how do you get out? It has been explained to me, less than 50 people, you only need one exit, over 50 people you need two exits. What is the difference? One child or 50, you need more than one exit."

- Hancock

"I got my medicine from Canada in the mail the other day and there was a phone number in with it. The number is 011-455-4153."

"I read in the paper the other day about another child being killed by an air bag. I don't understand how they can be called safety devices when they have considerable potential to cause injury or death. They should not be considered standard equipment in vehicles. The consumer deserves the right to choose."

"I had surgery on March 3 at the Robinwood Surgical Clinic. I just wanted to let people know that the staff is just wonderful. Dr. Patterson is number one surgeon. I was nervous when I got there but after the surgery, the nurses made me very comfortable."

"I lost my wallet near Koogle's Radiator Shop on Wilson Boulevard or on the corner of Prospect and Washington. You can keep the money, but please return my wallet and all the cards, etc. inside. Call Mail Call if you found it. My name is Ronald."

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