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Letters to the editor 3-6

March 06, 2003

Should we wait for another attack?

To the editor:

It saddens me to read letters to the editor from my fellow citizens who are stuck on the belief that we are about to fight a war with Iraq because of George Bush's interests in the corporate world and oil. Iraq produces 5 percent of the oil in the world. Why are we attacking Iraq and not Venezuela? Venezuela's president has been facing a strong opposition in his own country, so why don't we oust him and use all their oil? Our president's job is to do the best thing for all of his citizens. Why then would he want innocent men and women, and his own soldiers to die for oil?

After Sept. 11, 2001 rumors and reports were abroad that the FBI knew about possible terrorist attacks, and that George W. Bush himself was given a report entailing that there could be a possible terrorist attack, before it happened. Everyone then questioned the FBI and the president, and asked why they did not do anything before the attacks.


Before Sept. 11, 2001, if we had attacked and overthrown the Taliban, and al-Qaida, everyone would feel the way many do now. They would question George W. Bush, call him a war-monger, and feel that they themselves or their children were fighting for an unjust and aggressive cause. What did it take for a grand majority to agree that al-Qaida and terrorists abroad deserve justice? Do thousands or millions more have to die for the world to realize that Saddam Hussein funds, fosters and aids terrorism and terrorists?

People argue that George W. Bush has corporate interests in the oil in Iraq; why then did he mention funding for hydrogen-fueled cars in the State of the Union address?

George W. Bush is doing the right thing. He is going out and preventing evil and oppression from reaching our country. Our sons are fighting to ensure our freedoms, along with freeing others of tyrannical rule and oppression. They are riding out and meeting evil head-on before it reaches our homeland and our way of life is threatened.

Nathan Kennedy
College Park, Md.

Handlers help, too

To the editor:

In response to the article recently published on K-9 search and rescue: The article is correct in its praise of the bloodhound and his ability to mantrail. His marvelous nose, drool, long ears, loose skin, large chest and big feet add up to a canine with inherent ability.

I would like to add to the article that it takes hours of training as a team (hound/handler) to develop into a viable canine search-and-rescue team. The handler needs to be able to read the hound with the scrutiny of a seasoned editor and the hound has to learn to work in any and all conditions.

Many of us actively involved in search-and-rescue and criminal investigation with our bloodhounds train for hours each week through inner city congestion, through remote wooded areas, under water with scuba divers and everything in between. A variety of terrain is sought for training from mud to macadam from asphalt to sand, and the list goes on.

We train to find small children, youth, adults and the elderly. Our hounds work trails from freshly laid through those aged for weeks. They work from "place last seen" and from an immense variety of search articles.

As handlers we in a classroom setting learn about how various weather conditions affect scent. Hounds train in the wind, the rain, the snow, the intense heat and the frigid cold. I will most certainly give Steve McCarty a call in the hopes that he also will join us in our continued endeavor to provide quality bloodhound search-and-rescue teams to the community.

Terri L. Heck
Summit Search and Rescue
New Cumberland, Pa.

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