Mail Call for 3/4

March 05, 2003

"It was brought to my attention that a lot of Williamsport residents have or had died of cancer. Could there be a serious problem here? Could someone get information on who to contact and check into this?"

"I want to express my sympathy for Mr. Rogers who passed away the other day. I remember watching him growing up as a child. He had a very good show and I enjoyed watching him when I was a kid. He is really going to be missed by the kids."

"First, the city of Hagerstown raises our electric rates by 18 percent. Then, we read in the paper where they are printing brochures that cost $1,285 to tell us the attractions in downtown Hagers-town. We already know what's downtown, prostitutes, drug addicts and winos."

"Williamsport would like to thank Les Guessford for doing the town parking lot. He did a great job and thank you, Jeff Long, for what you do and for salting it. Job well done. Thanks, Judy and Jamie, for being so nice. Thanks a lot."


- Williamsport

"Now that the YMCA has good handicapped parking, how about the State Highway Administration? They have privileged parking at the entrance for those in charge. If you are handicapped, be prepared to go much farther where you have to park. Thank you."

"I know this is probably a little soon to talk about this, since we are still in the freeze of winter weather. But the potholes are popping up all over the place and they are getting really bad. I certainly hope that the city, county and state have enough money to fix them when the time comes. Because they are not good and are very dangerous."

"I was sorry to hear about Mr. Rogers passing away of cancer. He was a very extraordinary man. His show not only taught the children, but the adults as well."

"It seems that so many people are having a field day bashing County Commissioner John Munson. At least he gives an answer when asked a question. May I suggest that these people turn their attention to some of the evasive answers given to questions that are asked of County Commissioner Greg Snook. For example, he was asked whether Human Resources Director Alan Davis still held that position. His answer, 'I need to think about that.' This irresponsible remark from a well-paid county official was an insult to the citizens of Washington County. Is Greg Snook perpetrating the John Howard mystery? We deserve to know."

"The lady who wanted the number for the Better Business Bureau. The toll free number is 1-800-428-3419 and that is a Baltimore number."

"Why should I have to pay for trash that isn't being picked up? I want to know who to call about this. They have forgotten my trash lots of times. Please put in Mail Call."

"Making up the snow days by lengthening the school day would be unsatisfactory. The time should be made up by using full uninterrupted class days."

"We have the same problem on South Mont Valla Avenue as the lady on Guilford Avenue. We have cleaned five parking spaces out and the woman down the street doesn't clean any snow at all. She comes up and takes the parking spaces and doesn't even live up where the parking spaces are. Do these people think that they are too good to shovel snow?"

"I want to thank my snow angels, Rodney and Zack Rector. You guys do a great job."

"You may get in touch with the Attorney General's Office by calling 301-791-4780."

"Congratulations to Jerry Spessard. He worked hard to have his invention recognized."

"We thought 'Gods and Generals' was a great movie. Congratulations to Dennis Frye and Ted Turner."

"About the bird that has been pecking on the window for about three years. There have been several responses to it. But my husband said that they need to pull the shades down on the window because the bird is seeing his reflection and thinks that it's another bird."

"To the Mail Caller who is worried about not being able to afford their drugs. Go to the Web site, of Channel 4 in Washington. If you can't go to the Web site at home, go to the library. They did a whole special on how you can get many drugs for free. There are all sorts of government programs and grants that nobody knows about or bothered to tell you. You can get your drug prices cut in half or free."

"The bird that is pecking on your window sees his image reflected in your glass and is mistaking it for a rival. You can cut an outline of an owl or a hawk, etc., tape them to the window pane. Anything that will eliminate the rival's reflection. I do that in the spring when the male cardinals starts attacking his imaginary rival on my glass."

"To the person who doesn't have money for medications and doesn't have insurance. Contact the Washington County Health Department at 240-313-3290 to receive information regarding the Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program and the Western Maryland Prescription Program."

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