Mail Call for 2/28

March 03, 2003

"This is the recipe for the impossible pumpkin pie. All you need is a blender and these ingredients: Four eggs, three-fourths cup sugar, one-half cup Bisquick, two cups of canned milk, one teaspoon vanilla, one stick margarine, you can add two cups of pumpkin or you can leave out the pumpkin and add one cup of coconut, (then that would be coconut custard). You could also have a plain custard pie by leaving the coconut and the pumpkin out. Mix all the ingredients in a blender, pour into a pie pan and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. I stick a knife in the middle of mine and if it comes out clean, it is done."

"I was calling about all the articles in Mail Call about these people writing in about their snow angels. If everyone who had someone to plow out or shovel their sidewalk would put it in Mail Call, you would have to have a dozen newspapers to put all of them in. Instead of everyone calling Mail Call, go to the Hallmark store and get them a card and send it to them, that way they will know who sent it to them."


"I would like to express a lack of effort from the Washington County Sheriff's Department. A drunken driver rammed his truck into my yard and left it. The Sheriff's Department told me that they couldn't look up the tag, due to Pennsylvania Transfer tag. The tag was a hard plate. Now I find out that they could have looked it up. There is no reason for this lack of effort. All I get is a report number from my insurance company, which I have to pay the deductible and I have no name and address to give to my insurance company, due to the lack of info. The drunken driver gets away and I have to pay. Don't call me for donations, my donation went to repair my property. I know everyone wants drunken drivers off the road, but I don't want them in my yard."

- Hagerstown

"Concerning the snow days. Let's start with March 28, it's a professional day, we can also use April 17, that is also a professional day. Part of the spring break, there is a Thursday, Friday and a Monday. There are plenty of ways to make these days up without extending the school days and making things more difficult on family and their home life."

"I just want to respond to a Mail Call about the loss of the little girl that was given the wrong heart and lung transplant and then they say about the $250,000 for a lawsuit. I just want to say that there is no money on this God's green Earth that you could get that would bring your child back. None! The most important thing is your child, not money. To me, money does not replace pain and suffering, not at all! Only time heals pain and suffering, Not money!"

"To the tenants who moved in on Guilford Avenue, would you please shovel your off-street parking? You are taking a lady homeowner's spot, this lady has cleaned out three parking places and still doesn't have a place to park. I would also like to inform you that we do have a Neighborhood Watch in this block."

"I think it's a good idea to use the landfill for a firing range for anyone in the county. I think John Munson is a good commissioner. I think Tim Rowland should take his thoughts and stick them somewhere."

"Now Hillary Clinton is trying to keep up with Bill by lying and now the Canadians are wondering if she will apologize. But we all know she won't because Bill never did for his lies."

"About the bird that has been pecking on his windows for three years. I think he is asking for food, he found out that you would give it to him, so that is what he is doing, asking for food. Don't stop feeding him now because of the weather, but stop feeding him in the spring when he can get his own food. Do you think it's a tame bird or a wild bird? Just stop feeding him in the spring, maybe that will help."

"I can't afford my medicines and I don't have insurance to buy them. Can anyone give me a phone number or an address in Canada, they say they have better deals up there for medicine?"

"I was wondering if someone can tell me how to get in touch with the Attorney General's Office, leave me a number or address, also one for the Better Business Bureau."

"In response to the person in Wednesday's Mail Call: You said that the kids should go 180 days and shouldn't have days waived. Obviously you wouldn't have wanted to go until the end of June and obviously you don't have any children. What kid is going to want to learn in an a school that is not airconditioned?"

"To the person who has had trouble with the bird knocking on the window for about three years and wanted to know what to do about it. Open the window and let him in."

"About waiving the snow days. Some concerns have been raised on the radio the other day. He asked whether the teachers are going to receive pay for these days when they didn't even do anything? Are the teachers going to have to make these days up or are they going to be granted an additional week of vacation?"

"People are wondering about the cost of medicine and gas going up so much and costing them so much money. It is called corporation greed."

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