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Letters to the editor - 3/3/03

March 03, 2003

Terrorist has not been linked to Iraq

To the editor:

Within the next month the lives of over 200,000 American troops and millions of citizens of Iraq will be put at great risk. So it is very important that we as Americans have our facts right before we go to war.

It was disturbing to read a recent letter in the paper that stated that 9/11 could be linked to Iraq.

The Bush administration has never made such a statement or offered any proof that Iraq was involved in 9/11.

All of us must be careful in making such accusations when the lives of so many are in danger.

Anthony Cass


We're not just an Army of one

To the editor:

I think it's great that the Maryland National Guard is offering these extra points to the soldiers who serve. My husband is currently a member of the Maryland National Guard. I also understand how Brian Sharpe feels about living in Maryland, yet serving in West Virginia.


I have seen all too well how the Army ads say that we are an Army of one, yet when it comes to the National Guard, we are an Army of 50. I've learned that each state is able to set up its own way to run its National Guard. To me, this is wrong. What if these men and women who serve so proudly are called up for federal duty? If the rules are different in every state, who is to say they are all getting the same training? Or the funding?

We all know how essential the Guard can be, especially now, but yet they don't receive the funding they deserve to accomplish their mission. Also, the reserve and active duty units have their own ways of running things also. I feel the Army needs a better ad campaign, because we truly are not an Army of one, but still an Army of many.

Amanda Griffiths


Privatization would cost public schools their neutrality

To the editor:

Washington Commissioner John Munson's proposal that public education be abolished and replaced with voucher-funded private schools is one of the dumbest and most dangerous ideas to come from a public official in a long time. Here are just some of the things that are wrong with his proposal:

- It would violate the fundamental right of every citizen to voluntarily support only the religious institutions of his/her free choice.

- It would fragment our school population along religious, social class, ideological, ethnic, linguistic, and other lines related to handicaps and ability levels.

- It would increase school costs while lowering educational quality. Transportation costs would skyrocket.

- Democratic and religiously and politically neutral education would be replaced by sectarian and political indoctrination.

Fortunately, between 1967 and 2000 voters in twenty-five statewide referendum elections from coast to coast have rejected voucher plans by better than two to one. Maryland voters would surely do likewise.

Edd Doerr


Americans for Religious Liberty

Washington, D.C.

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