Mail Call for 2/26

February 27, 2003

"I read in the paper where the snowstorm has cost Washington County and they are in the red now. What happened to the money all the years we didn't have these snows? If people ran their homes like our county is being run, we would all be in the red. It is time that they put that money back and leave it there until it is needed. It will build up."

"A ladies wrist watch was found at the Dollar Tree on Eastern Boulevard. You can call 301-791-0160."

"I just got oil from one of the largest distributors in Hagerstown, charging $1.73.9 a gallon. I called another oil distributor and they are 24 cents less a gallon. What is going on?"

"To the nosy body who wants to know what is going on Spickler Road in Downsville with all the dump trucks that are making hundreds of trips up and down the road the past couple of weeks. Someone said that a driveway was being put in. It is none of your business, as long as nobody is coming on to your property and tearing it up. Yes, when it is all said and done, the road will be fixed. So it is none of your business."


"Who was the Einstein who decided to use fireworks inside of a night club that killed all those people? Who was the genius behind this?"

"Could the people who want to thank their snow angels in Mail Call, do us all a favor, write a thank you note, spend 37 cents and mail it to the snow angel."

"Why do property owners have to pay the bulk and pay all the taxes for the budget in Washington County, for the schools and so forth? The burden always falls on the property owners."

"I am sure that you all heard about the poor girl who was given the wrong heart and lungs and lost her life. She was given a second heart and lungs, but it was too late. Under your president's plan and the Republicans' plan, her family can only sue for $250,000 for pain and suffering. Some lawsuits are out of hand, but $250,000 for a doctor making a horrible, tragic and probably deadly mistake, is ridiculous. Tell your president that we need tougher laws to make sure that doctors do the right thing and pay for it when they do not. Not a limit on how much a family can get for pain and suffering if something tragic like this that happens."

"It's a shame that some of our town folks in Williamsport got all shook up because their street was not done first or second. Well Williamsport you guys did a great job."

"I just wanted to say thank you to the kind person who turned in my purse at the Hagerstown Wal-Mart on Saturday, Feb. 15. It's great to know that there are still honest people around. Thanks again and God bless you."

"To the ill-informed Mail Caller who wants to blame Clinton/Gore for all the problems that we are in now. You seem to forget that during most of Clinton's term in office, the Republicans controlled the House and the Senate, so obviously they had some role in what has happened."

"If Hagerstown has such rules that you have to have your sidewalks cleared off within so many hours after it snows and your trash can put out after certain hours, and you can't have your car parked on the street for more than two days. So why when someone new moves into Hagerstown, why aren't they given a pamphlet with this information? Also, who enforces these rules? Does the city cops give tickets to residents that don't follow these rules or who does?"

"Can someone explain the condition of the bricks in downtown Hagerstown that crosses Franklin, Potomac and Washington? They are breaking up and I want to know what is going to be done about it. Who is going to pay the expense for fixing these bricks? They look beautiful but not practical. That should have been taken into consideration before being put down."

"We just saw our first female robin on Saturday, Feb. 22 on Mt. Tabor Road near Huyetts. Maybe spring is near."

"In Letters to the editor, John P. Donoghue's remarks about Tim Rowland was no surprise. He doesn't take criticism very well. He sent a letter I wrote to him, back to me, because he didn't like my criticism about him."

"At least with schools being closed all last week, the city police didn't have to go to North High everyday and do the administrators' job."

"I just saw two robins last Friday, spring is on the way."

"To the people on South Mont Vala Avenue who had company this weekend, clear a parking space for them to park instead of taking someone's space that took three days to shovel out. We know who you are and we don't appreciate it."

"When are they going to start cleaning the streets off in the West End? Like the 600, 700, 800 and 900 blocks and the side streets?"

"In regards to the Pilot Truck Stop. Something needs to be done about that. I travel that way to work every night and I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have had to slam on my brakes because they just pull right out in front of you. They are experienced drivers and they should know what they are doing. Two men have been killed there in the past few months. If something isn't done, there is going to be more."

- Hagerstown

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