Mail Call

February 26, 2003

"So the HotSpots Program is failing. It's no wonder when all they do is keep on telling them where they are going to put cameras and where they are going to watch. It's no wonder it's failing because you tip them off. All you ever do is run them to another area anyway."

"Concerning our Army guys. Why can't some of them get out and help some of the older people shovel their snow?"

"I am sick and tired of this article, almost everyday in the paper. Charlie Reese saying bad things about our president. Everyday he has something mean to say about our president. I am so disgusted with the paper and I may not buy it much longer. They should have someone who can say something good about our president once in awhile, instead of this Charlie Reese."

"These animal rights activists make me laugh more and more everyday. The next thing you know, they will want to outlaw mouse traps. If they would put as much energy into human rights as they do animal rights, the world would be a better place."


"I am the lady who called in about having a sore mouth and wanting to know if anyone knew anything that would help. I would like to thank the man who recommended this prescription, Eiprolene. I had tried lotions for months and nothing helped. Now it is almost gone. I didn't hang up on you. I laid the phone down and it cut us off. I thank you anyway."

"Can someone tell me who to contact if you have a neighbor who keeps begging you or bothering you for prescription drugs? Do you call the police or what? This is getting ridiculous."

"Mayor and Council of Hagerstown, is it possible to get the people responsible for snow removal in the town of Williamsport to come and teach the snow removal people in Hagers-town, how to remove snow? They did an excellent job of removing snow in Williamsport and it's unbelievable that with our resources, we can't keep up with them. After driving through your community, you deserve an A+, excellent job. Your citizens should be proud."

"For the children to make up snow days, cut the Easter vacation by two days and take the spring break away. They don't need four to five days off for Easter. Easter isn't until April 20, so take the first Monday and the Friday. That way they won't have to go to school that long in the summer."

"Would someone please notify 'Entertainment Tonight' that there are other humans in the world besides Michael Jackson."

"To anyone who has a dog chained to a box, take time to clean a path for them and make sure they have a dry place for them to lay down, also plenty of food and water."

"You had two stories about the man who fell in the storm drain this past weekend during the snow storm. But you never explained what he was doing outside in his underwear. If you are going to print the news, give all the news."

"Can someone answer the question that The Herald-Mail obviously can't answer? Why was a man with just underwear on stuck in a manhole in our county's fourth largest storm?"

"My name is Roy, I called the code enforcer for the city of Hagerstown about a building down from me who doens't clear their sidewalk during snow. Well my wife slipped on that ice this morning and could have gotten hurt."

"Please help me find a way to eliminate telemarketers for coming into my home. They even use a recording, so you can't tell them to take me off your list. They have been calling me since Christmas Eve."

"Can someone tell me the pros and cons of having a pellet stove? I am in the process of getting one and I would like to have someone's opinion on this, if they are good or bad."

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