Letters to the editor

February 26, 2003

Wet enough for commissioners yet?

To the editor:

Are the Washington County Commissioners going to vote to lift the building moratorium? Or should we keep praying for more snow and rain? What's it going to be?

George Michael

Big Pool

Don't complain; at least we can protest

To the editor:

I just read the article about the Hagerstown resident who went to New York to protest our impending conflict with Iraq. Next time, coordinate with the group giving the demonstration about when to arrive and where to go in order to participate in their activity.

The mere fact that they and you were able to demonstrate at all is a shining example of the freedom we have compared to most of the world. The Iraqi people would never dream of doing such a thing as protesting against the Iraqi government. They would risk death if they did - just ask a Kurd in northern or southern Iraq.


Did you read about the two women jailed for preaching Christianity in a Muslim country? The American asked to leave India for preaching "illegally"? The postman in Jerusalem being attacked for delivering brochures featuring a woman wearing no head cover?

Did you ever stop to think that the barricades were to protect the demonstrators from possible retaliation from those opposed to their efforts? Remember that we enjoy our freedoms due to the hardy men and women ready to do violence on our behalf.

Jaime Trujillo


We should protest against Hussein

To the editor:

I find it appalling how anti-war protesters, including some from our area, are complaining about New York City police officers keeping anti-war protests in check. It's funny how these same people want to adhere to the Constitution only when they believe they themselves have been violated.

These protesters have every right to protest. Our forefathers saw to that when they framed the Constitution. Closing down certain streets does not violate the First Amendment. Nobody stopped them from expressing their opinions. Many people have forgotten what happened on Sept. 11. These same police officers witnessed the unimaginable. They saw the carnage first-hand. They saw their fellow police officers and New Yorkers die that day. They gagged from the dust. They smelled the stench.

Where were these protesters? In their cushy classrooms? In their fancy offices? In their comfortable homes? In the days following 9/11, it seems that there were no complaints when our president included Iraq in the "axis of evil." These people refer to President Bush as an "imperialist." What will they call him when their way of life no longer exists because he refused to rid the world of terrorists like Saddam Hussein? When their own loved ones die as a result of terrorism?

The evidence is clear. These people are either playing politics or simply blind. I would prefer another option besides war, and President Bush would too. I have some suggestions to the protesters. Go out and protest Saddam Hussein.

Question him as to why he has failed to adhere to the U.N. resolutions. Protest as to why he has funded and supported worldwide terrorism, including 9/11. And finally, ask him why he hates us for being guilty of nothing more than being Americans.

Rob Butler


Looking for postcards from Hagerstown

To the editor:

I am a retired teacher living in Anderson, Ind. Since retirement, I have collected picture postcards of American cities and towns, particularly those cards that depict somewhat full views of the city or town.

I am seeking cards of Hagerstown, and am hoping that you will print my letter, and that some kind reader will send me such cards, for which I shall be most grateful.

Walton A. Carter

4740 W. 300 South

Anderson, IN 46011

Anyone hear of the Wondertones?

To the editor:

My name is Karla McLemore (maiden name is Copeland) and I am interested in finding any information and/or a photograph of a group known as the Wondertones. The photo was taken in the 1950s. The members of the group were John Copeland (my father), Rodger Bell, Nathan Bell, Riley Hill and Alfred Evans.

If anyone has a photo or information, I can be reached at 803-254-8099 before 12:15 p.m., or I can be reached at this address, 2504 Washington St. Apt.2, Columbia, SC 29204 or my e-mail address:

If you could publish this in your paper, maybe someone would be able to help me.

Karla McLemore

Columbia, S.C.

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