A week of flying on auto pilot

February 25, 2003|by BOB PARASILITI

It's amazing what inactivity will do to one's mind.

Until Scally's Folly last week, complete with the two feet frozen rain delight, I thought I was getting into that rut that comes near the end of a season.

It took a week of cancellations to realize that I need local sports to keep me on schedule about as much as I need a daily bran muffin these days.

A sportswriter without sports is like Mike Tyson at a tattoo parlor. The only difference is I became lucid before I started looking like one of the X-Men.


Anyhow, that was what last week was all about. As events got postponed, the only thing left to do was to let the mind wander ... and that can only mean trouble.

  • Michael Jordan became the first NBA player ever to score more than 40 points after reaching age 40.

    That's great. I know a lot of guys who'd love to be able to score their age.

    One guy I know shot a 40 while playing golf, but he didn't brag about it. It was on one hole ... and that's only because the pesky windmill kept getting in the way.

    What Mike doesn't know is I did the same thing on my 40th birthday. I scored 40 at a Walkersville-Williamsport girls basketball game on my milestone birthday. OK, so I was in the stands marking baskets in my notepad, but I scored 40 points.

    Top that.

  • Why is baseball having such a tough time figuring out whether ephedrine should be a banned substance?

    The Steve Bechler tragedy aside, that substance is already banned, just like steroids, by the other major sports.

    Besides, why is baseball worried? Their players can learn to ignore drug rules like everyone else.

  • I loved listening to the whining from people who felt unfulfilled because rain stopped the Daytona 500 just after the halfway point, allowing Michael Waltrip to win.

    "It's like stopping the Super Bowl at halftime," they said.

    Obviously, they have never seen a six-inning baseball game or even the All-Star Game.

Weather - and Bud Selig - aren't bound by this new pulse of "consumer rights."

It would be interesting to see how upset everyone would have been if Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Jeff Gordon were leading when the race was called.

Besides, how can you compare Daytona to the Super Bowl? The last time I looked, there weren't that many left turns nor pit stops in the NFL.

As you can see, an underused sports mind can be a little strange. What makes Chuck Barris think his gray matter was so dangerous?

What makes all this worse is we are in line for another big storm later in the week that might cause more idle time.

Maybe I'll use it to figure out how Maryland's tournament seeding process works, especially since the winless Clear Spring girls basketball team managed to get seeded No. 8 in the West Regional ahead of three other teams.

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