Mail Call

February 25, 2003

"To the Mail Caller in Wednesday's paper whining that Bush has the right to use the Bible anytime he wants to because of freedom of speech. It's funny, because when someone criticizes the president or tells the American people that they don't support the president in his foolish war they are called unpatriotic and traitors. That is freedom of speech and I will continue my freedom of speech."

"Welcome back, Mail Call. We missed you for those two days last week during the snowstorm. I am so glad you are back. You are still the best thing in the paper."

"Another way to stop foot odor is make sure that your socks are 100 percent cotton. My daughter and husband, both had that problem and we switched over to 100 percent cotton socks and we don't have the problem anymore."

"Thank you very much, Floyd Harrill of Falling Waters Road, for plowing our driveway. Although he lives nearby, we have never met. He refused the money we offered him. What a generous neighbor."


- Williamsport

"I read in the paper the other day that the Montgomery County Board of Education is going to ask the State Board of Education to put a waiver on not making up these snow days because of a state of emergency. I certainly hope that the superintendent of Washington County schools does the same thing, because these kids just can't keep making up these snow days. It's not fair to the students and not fair to the teachers, because the teachers don't want to teach and the students don't want to be there and nobody will gain anything. So please cancel out these days and get the waiver."

"In reference to everyone talking about Bush quoting the Bible. I know a lot of hypocrites who quote from the Bible, too."

"I was wondering how that guy who was found in the storm sewer the other day with no clothes on is making out and how did he get in there to begin with. Can anyone give me an update on that?"

"Can someone tell me the pros and cons of having a pilot stove? I am in the process of getting one and I would like to have someone's opinion on this, if they are good or bad."

"This is a special thank you to two special snow angel families: Charles and Mary Ann Younkins and Dan and Pat Henderson, you have truly been a blessing to my life. Thank you, Penny."

"I would like to let my neighbors Paul and Paul on Lexington Avenue know that I appreciate all their help to me all the time."

"Can someone put the number in the paper again, the one that you use to stop telemarketers?"

"Its about time that we have a president that is a Christian. As it states in the Pledge of Allegiance, 'one nation under God.' I think Bush is doing a great job."

"I am a senior citizen and I would like to thank all my neighbors for getting my driveway open for me."

"A very special snow angel is Dr. Burke. He always comes to my rescue when it snows. Thanks so much."

"I have a very thoughtful Herald-Mail carrier, he stopped by to see if I was OK because he hasn't seen me in a while. His name is Adden. From Mrs. R."

"The snow angels that we want to thank are the crew from Roxbury Correctional Institution/MCI for clearing the snow from the parking lots and road and keeping them in excellent condition. They worked around the clock starting late Saturday when the snow began and continuing until they were finished several days later. Thanks, guys, for caring."

"I would like to thank all my snow angels for helping me get out of my driveway. I would have had no other way of getting it out."

"Our snow angels down here at Elizabeth Court are Jim and Kelly. Thanks for shoveling us out."

"A special thanks to Atlee Etkins who lives on Elizabeth Street. He has been plowing every time it snows. He comes up and does Elizabeth and Madison. All the West End people up here would like to thank him and say that he is very much appreciated."

"A special thanks to all the employees in the town of Williamsport. They had a beautiful park at Christmas and now all the snow is removed from the streets. Thanks for a job well done."

"I would like the person who had the recipe for the pumpkin pie without a crust to please put it back in."

"Ronnie is my neighbor and he is our snow angel on Harpers Ferry Road. He does about four or five houses around here and he is a wonderful guy and neighbor."

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