Mail Call for 2/21

February 24, 2003

"I have no objection to anyone digging their cars out after a heavy snowfall. But I do get upset with them using large snow blowers and putting it all my sidewalk and leaving me with an enormous job. Then if I don't' get the sidewalk cleaned, they want to complain about that, too. The fact that I am disabled doesn't bother anyone, but I end up paying for the removal of their snow. Can someone help me with a solution to this problem?"

"This is for the people who clean the streets and stuff over here in Williamsport. I want to thank them very very much for all they have done. Looks like it hadn't even snowed over here. They went beyond the call by shoveling everyone's cars out by coming and getting our keys and moving them for us. Thanks to the town of Williamsport and the people responsible for snow removal. Please, Williamsport, take note of this town and pass it along to other towns."


"I want to thank the road crews, city, county and state they did a great job with this blizzard. I am an owner of a four-wheel drive vehicle that was out helping people. I have one complaint to the individuals who where out in their four-wheel vehicles doing nothing but making donuts and getting in people's way instead of helping."

"I have a snow angel who came and did my driveway and it was so nice for them to do that. Be good to each other, whether it snows or not."

"I want to thank my snow angel Bruce on Crestview Avenue for snow blowing the neighbors driveway. You are truly an angel from Belinda and Paul Peterson."

"Linda, Doug, Barb, Core and Dee would like to thank Bob Gearhart of Maugansville for taking us to Western Maryland Center for the past two days during the snowstorm. You are a snow angel."

"I am wondering why BFI can charge for trash pickup when it doesn't happen? I understand we had a blizzard and trash was not able to happen, but why should we pay for the week, we couldn't have trash picked up? What is wrong with this picture?"

"I would like to know what is going on, on Speilman Road in Downsville too, with all the dump trucks. Hundreds and hundreds of trips have been up and down the road in the past couple of weeks. I heard that it is to put in a driveway. I would like to know who is putting in a driveway? Is this maybe a little underhanded stuff going on with Bowman and the truck stop he is trying to put in? Someone better find out and yes the roads are being torn up, big time."

"Bruce Kauffman is thanking Bob Gearhart for taking her home on Feb. 16, from Western Maryland, he is a snow angel."

"Complain, complain, complain, it's not George Bush and Robert Ehrlich that put this country of the United States in the shape it's in today. It is the last eight years we had with the Clinton/Gore bunch that put us in the shape it's in."

"Our neighbor was a snow angel, he shovels all his neighbors out, his name is Bobby, thank you."

"I want to say thank you to my snow angel. One is my neighbor, Larry Roberts and the other one is a very good friend, Craig Mills. Thanks for helping two old people get out of their driveways."

"Where are the lottery funds that is being collected being spent?"

"I am watching Channel 12, they are talking about a roof falling in Frederick. We had a roof fall here in Boonsboro, but they didn't show that."

"I want to thank the Welty's on Jordan Road for being great snow angels to their neighbors and at all times."

"I want to say thank you to the man on Mulberry Avenue who has the John Deere Tractor that cleaned out our driveway for us, we greatly appreciate it. Also, to our other neighbor who shoveled our sidewalk, we appreciate you, too."

"I want to say thank you to my snow angel, Colby and Lisa who brought the snow blower out to help me get out and some other people on the block. Also to Phyllis who works with me, for picking me up in the morning. Thank you all very much."

"I think the City of Hagerstown should forget about this 100,000 water slide that they were talking about before and use that money to clear the snow away."

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