Jefferson County Commission briefs

February 24, 2003

Planning Commission downsized in Jefferson

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - The Jefferson County Commission voted Thursday to decrease the size of the Jefferson County Planning Commission from 11 to nine members.

Recent discussion has focused on decreasing the size of the planning commission in hopes of reducing the length of the meetings, one of which went well beyond midnight recently, said Commission President Jane Tabb.

Four-legged deputy added to department

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - A police dog trained to detect illegal drugs and explosives will be added to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Everett "Ed" Boober told the Jefferson County Commissioners Thursday.

Boober said the dog will be useful since illegal drug use continues to be an issue in the county. The dog also can be used to help keep court offices secure, Boober said.


The dog is being given to the sheriff's department by the Drug Enforcement Agency and will be handled by Deputy Mike Dumer, Boober said.

County Commissioner James G. Knode voted against supporting the K-9 unit. Knode has been cautious about expanding law enforcement functions of the sheriff's department, partly because county residents already pay state taxes for law enforcement.

Maintenance personnel honored

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Jefferson County's maintenance personnel were praised Thursday for their battle against last weekend's snowstorm.

Not only did the department work hard to keep the Jefferson County Courthouse and other county properties cleared of snow, but they kept snow clear at the 911 communications center in Bardane, W.Va., so dispatchers could get to work during the storm, said Jefferson County Administrator Leslie Smith.

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