Digging out, staying in

February 24, 2003|by TARA REILLY and TAMELA BAKER

While the Tri-State area got dumped on by inch after inch of snow last week, many area residents had differing opinions on what they remembered most about the big storm.

"It was the first time driving in snow by myself," Maria Sadek of Hagerstown said. "It's pretty sad. I'm 28."

Doris Lamberty, 56, of Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., said her most memorable experience was of the destruction brought by the storm.

"In my shed outside, the roof caved in. Then a tree fell down and we had to clean that up," Lamberty said.


Pam Smith, 36, of Hagerstown, said that while she stayed in and cleaned, her kids shoveled snow and did a lot of sledding.

"I don't think I had (a most memorable experience). I stayed in," said Amber Schoppert, 17, of Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Actually, I remember shoveling and not being sore the next day," said Becky Orndorf, 33, of Hagerstown.

Harley Routzahn, 6, of Smithsburg, said she remembers making snow angels.

Hedgesville, W.Va., resident Tina Staubs said one of her most memorable experiences was of her 2-year-old son, Cameron.

"The snow was up to his chest," said Staubs.

Staubs also said she couldn't find her car because it's white.

Melissa Bare, 21, of Martinsburg, W.Va., said the worse part of the storm was "being trapped in my house. My son was trapped at his grandmother's house."

Joshua Haley, 24, of Hagerstown, said he was amazed to see the effect the snow had on schools.

"It was amazing to see how much they closed school," Haley said. "Just a week straight - it was shut down."

Clifford Eardly, 74, of Hagerstown, said he got his snowblower out. Other than that, he didn't really have any memorable experiences, he said.

"I didn't have any problem with the snow," Eardly said.

"The neatest thing was my neighbor down the street who came and asked me if he could come and clean my driveway," said Terry Caveney, 57, of Fairfield, Pa. "The scariest was getting up on the roof to clear my furnace vent."

Bill Valentine, 55, of Smithsburg, said the amount of time it took him to plow around his residence was memorable.

"I have 1,100 feet of lane out of the mountain," Valentine said. "It took about 10 hours to plow it."

Susan Barker, 33, of Bunker Hill, W.Va., said Family Dollar shutting down stuck out in her mind.

"They never shut down," said Barker, a store employee. "It's the first time I've seen snow like that since I was a little girl."

Juan Flores, 36, of Martinsburg, said his most memorable experience was the money he had to spend as a result of car problems.

"I wrecked my four-wheel drive and my Jeep lost its transmission," Flores said.

"I wasn't able to get out of the house. I've seen winters like this before, but not for a long time," said Nancy Myers, 61, of Greencastle, Pa.

Lauren Hackney of Waynesboro, Pa., said her storm experience was a little dull.

"It was kind of boring," said Hackney, 36. "My son was sick with the flu and I had an injury and couldn't get out to shovel, so I had to depend on friends."

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