Beneficial cardiac rehabilitation is possible

February 24, 2003|by Christine L. Moats

Q: What is cardiac rehabilitation?

A: According to the Web site Heart Center Online, cardiac rehabilitation is a multiphase, medically supervised exercise program that helps heart patients recover from heart troubles such as heart attack, heart surgery or congestive heart failure, and improves physical well-being.

Washington County Hospital's cardiac rehabilitation program is nationally certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Program manager Pam Peitz is a certified health education specialist and teaches several of the education classes.

The program includes monitored exercise classes three days per week, education classes and home exercise planning. If you are interested in the education classes or the cardiac rehabilitation program, call 301-790-8940. A physician's referral is required for the cardiac rehabilitation program.


Q: What are potential benefits of participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program?

A: Heart Center Online suggests potential benefits of cardiac rehabilitation.

  • Decreased risk of a recurrence of a heart problem

  • Decreased risk of death due to heart disease

  • Decreased risk of future heart attack

  • Improved physical functioning and strength

  • Less need for heart-related medications

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Slowed development, or even reversal, of hardening of the arteries

  • Weight loss

For more information about cardiac rehabilitation, visit these Web sites: Heart Center Online at and Washington County Hospital at

Christine L. Moats is a wellness coordinator at Washington County Hospital.

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