Pa. town is getting auto parts store

February 24, 2003|by RICHARD BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Advance Auto Parts, which has 2,436 stores across the country, plans to build 110 more with one of those new stores opening in Washington Township early this summer, a company spokesman said Friday.

Brian Wade, marketing analyst for the Roanoke, Va.-based corporation, said while the company has stores in urban areas, it does very well in small communities like Waynesboro.

"It has the kind of customer we're looking for," Wade said. "Small towns do well for us."

He said the store will have 10 to 12 employees.

Construction is to begin next week with the razing of two homes at 1510 and 1514 East Main St., across from the Hardee's Restaurant, said Jerry Zeigler, zoning enforcement officer for Washington township.


The township's supervisors approved the final plans at a meeting this week, Zeigler said.

"Demolition of the two homes is supposed to start next week," he said.

That section of the township is zoned commercial although there are private residences along that stretch of East Main Street.

Advance Auto Parts first applied for its permits last summer, Seigler said.

The cost to build the 84-by-84-foot, one-story building is $286,000, Zeigler said.

Primax Properties Inc. of Charlotte, N.C., will do the construction, he said.

Advance Auto Parts has stores in Chambersburg, Pa., Frederick, Md., and Hagerstown.

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