Mail Call for 2/20

February 21, 2003

"This is to the person who wanted to know how to get dust and coffee stains off their keyboard. I have been a programmer for about 20 years. Coffee stains and other stains, if you dip a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol - don't let it drip - but that will take the stains off. When I am not using the keyboard at home, I put a towel or something over top and that stops the dust from getting on it. Also, if you turn the keyboard upside down and shake it, the dust and other stuff will fall out."

"I want to commend the eighth- grader at Western Heights - his name is Shane; he wrote a letter to the editor about the homeless people deserving some warmth. It was so refreshing to see a young person write such a beautiful letter with such heart and compassion. The Bible tells us that a child shall lead them and I really hope that this young person will one day be one of the leaders making decisions on humanity because they are starting off with such a wonderful heart. I commend you."


"I wonder, I wonder, I wonder. An article in Tuesday's Herald-Mail reflected the destruction of two barns and roof collapse in Pennsylvania, but no mention of the collapse of the roof of the B&O Museum in Baltimore. How come?"

"I lost in the Colonial Park Dual Highway, traveling to Bester School, a set of car keys with a keyless entry remote, on or about Feb. 6."

"To Sen. Mooney, I don't support narrow-minded individuals who are anti-gay. I will not be voting for you in the next election."

"I have a comment on Mr. Jackson - he was a gentleman who lost his life in an automobile accident. I didn't know him, but I praise him for his years in military services."

"To all the businesses and shopping centers who are moving their snow into handicapped accessible parking spaces, instead of other parking spaces. This is to let you know that you can be cited and fined for this. This is in violation of the Disability Act, so put the snow some other place. Just remember that the disabled people spend money, just like anyone else."

"I have heard it all now. The President of the United States can be impeached, but a Washington County commissioner can't be re-called. Go figure!"

"My name is David and I am a Hagerstown resident. I recently saw a Hagerstown police officer speeding on Franklin Street. I was going about 25 mph and an unmarked Hagerstown City Police cruiser passed me and other cars passed him right at Winter Street Elementary School. I sped up to see how fast he was going, he was going 45 in a 25 mph zone. I think it's time for the city police to set an example for the citizens of Hagerstown."

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