Councilman wants community service done in borough

February 20, 2003|by RICHARD BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Most juveniles who commit crimes in Waynesboro are sentenced to do community service work in other Franklin County communities, a situation that brings little benefit to the borough, Councilman Clinton Barkdoll told his council colleagues Wednesday.

Barkdoll, a local attorney, convinced the council to ask officials at the Franklin County Juvenile Probation Office to change the policy and send the young offenders back to Waynesboro to do their community service work.

He said he has discussed the mechanics of such a move with probation officials. A new policy to benefit Waynesboro could be in place in two months, he said.


Barkdoll said currently about 90 percent of the community service work assigned to Waynesboro's offenders is being done in communities other than Waynesboro.

Chief Dale Fishack of the Waynesboro Fire Department said local juveniles convicted of fire-related crimes have been assigned to community service work at his department in recent years.

"We use them to clean up around the building, clean up trash at the firemen's carnival and other things. It's worked out pretty well for us," he said.

Barkdoll said local juveniles could work out their sentences here at no cost to the borough since they would be covered by the county's insurance.

Asked if a similar policy could be put into effect for adult offenders ordered to do community service work, Barkdoll said there could be insurance problems. He said he would look into it.

Meanwhile, Barkdoll asked that any citizen, social or service organization or municipal official call him or the borough with suggestions on what community service projects could be assigned to the youths.

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