Mail Call for 2/18

Snow Angels

Snow Angels

February 20, 2003

Editor's note - If you know someone in your neighborhood who went the extra mile and dug out his neighbors during the recent snowstorm, we'd like to hear from you.

Call the Mail Call line at 301-791-6236 and briefly tell us what happened.

We'll run as many Snow Angels as we can.

The following are some of the Mail Calls we have received over the past few days:

"This is for the person who has the smelly feet problem. Very, very simple. Wash your feet every night as you usually do. Get yourself an old bucket. Sit and soak your feet in very weak bleach water. Don't ask me what it does, but it works. Your feet will continue to not be smelly. It works. My son had rotten feet. About one-half cup of Clorox and oh, maybe two gallons of water. Soak your feet every night. It'll work."

"Sharpsburg, Sharpsburg, Sharpsburg. Well, it's been a while since we've heard from any of these people down there. But did anybody get a good laugh out of the paper the other day when one of those Sharpsburg residents called in and said, 'Just throw a bomb on the cities that harbor the terrorists.' Well, I hate to tell you, but half the terrorists are in this country. We've been getting bombed enough. And what about all the innocent people you would kill?"


"Well, it looks like George Bush and Robert Ehrlich are going to have the poor man down on the ground where they want them after Sept. 30. People that have good jobs and worked hard all their life for 10 to 15 years are going to be down on the ground. I guess we'll all be eating grass and drinking water. I hope and pray that George Bush and Robert Ehrlich can't sleep at night for their conscience bothering them. I don't know what more they want out of a working man. I guess they think you're supposed to slave and lose everything you've accomplished in your working career."

"Talk about the other countries terrorizing the United States. I think Mr. Bush is about as big a terrorist as any. Look at all the people running around buying duct tape and plastic to cover up their home. What good is it going to do you? Are you going to get a new air supply? Remember, your furnace and your air conditioner are what bring your air into your home. Are you going to cover it up? Mr. Bush and his stooges sure know how to boost the economy, don't they?"

"I want to sincerely thank the kind person who found my money at the Martin's food store in Fountainhead Plaza. This was money from my son sent to help me with my living expenses. In a world of so much disregard for others, it is gratifying to know such an act of honesty and kindness. Your integrity is appreciated with many thanks. Bless you."

"And you wonder why Hagerstown is like it is and there's no businesses downtown. Even if there was businesses downtown, you couldn't go there to park the other night because every parking place in the whole downtown area was blocked off because of 'Gods and Generals.' Big deal. There's a Civil War movie downtown. Let those people find parking places like anybody that lives around here has to do. This City Council needs to wake up. The taxpayers need to wake up and get them out of there."

"This is in response to the smelly feet in the Feb. 14 Mail Call. If you go to your doctor's and you ask them about the dry sole gap-o-matic solution, they can give you that and you use a little bit of that and it gets rid of it. I have a son that had the same problem and it cleared it up."

"What's with the parade of dump trucks going up and down Spielman Road? They are tearing the road up. Is the state going to repair the road?"

"I think John Munson is ahead of his time. He is too smart for old-timers who don't understand progress. I didn't vote for him, but I sure will next time."

"The microwave was a good invention. I think whoever made that needs to get a reward."

"I'm calling in regards to buying duct tape and the plastic. I thought maybe what people could do is just go to the dry cleaners and get a big plastic bag or maybe to Sam's Club and get a big plastic bag and just climb in that instead and maybe save a lot of time."

"The article in Friday's paper about safety vs. drivers' privacy. Those cameras on the intersections are against the privacy of citizens. It's an intrusive effect. So, I disapprove of it completely. No cameras."

"To John Munson: Why don't you do everybody a favor and resign before you embarrass yourself anymore? A taxpayer."

"Several years ago when the Board of Education was raising the salaries of the administrators, I brought up the fact that the text books were out-of-date and the money should go there. Now, all of a sudden, in the local newspaper, they are saying that replacing out-dated text books will cost $7.9 million. What is wrong with this county?"

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