Blast from the past

February 19, 2003

Week of Feb. 16, 1953

The City of Hagerstown will be back in the Christmas tree business in about five years.

The City Water Department will plant about 5,000 pine seedlings this spring on the Edgemont watershed and land newly acquired by the city.

The trees will be disposed of by being sold as Christmas trees with the proceeds going to the city.

Hagerstown voters, at the March 24 election, will decide whether they favor changing the future city election dates to coincide with the dates of the presidential election every four years.

It is estimated that the move would save the city $12,000 each election year.

In the past year, 49 children have spent a total of 172 days in the juvenile detentional room of the Washington County Jail under orders of the Juvenile Court.


During a 12-month period, 272 juvenile cases and 380 adult cases were docketed by the court.

Week of Feb. 16, 1978

The Washington County Planning Commission voted Monday in favor of protecting Antietam Battlefield either through national legislation or by local county ordinance.

The Planning Commission did not endorse any specific piece of legislation, but did endorse the concept of protecting the battlefield from encroachment of development or commercial activity in principal by either national or local ordinances or special zoning districts.

A 50-year-old Hagerstown housewife won $50,000 last night in the weekly TV drawing held by the Maryland Lottery Commission.

Mrs. Helen "Pete" West, who lives with her daughter and grandchild in the 200 block of Marbern Road, won in the lottery's Super 50-cent and 17-for $1 game.

An estimated $7.7 million was spent by county cigarette smokers to support their habits last year, or about $104 per local smoker, it is estimated.

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