Columbia Gas offers advice for customers

February 18, 2003

In light of the weekend storm, Columbia Gas of Maryland has the following suggestions for its customers:

-- Keep the vent of your outdoor natural gas meters clear of ice and snow. Outdoor gas meters have a vent that usually is about 15 inches off the ground.

Most home heating systems are built with a safety feature that shuts off heaters when natural gas meters or appliances are not venting properly.

-- Make sure your meter is visible at all times and accessible for maintenance and emergency responders.

-- Check your meter to make sure water dripping from your eaves or your roof is not freezing on your natural gas meter.


-- Keep meter and appliance vents unobstructed and free of debris - some direct vent and high-efficiency appliances have side wall vents and air intakes that could become obstructed during heavy snowfall.

-- Gently brush away snow that has accumulated near your outdoor natural gas meter.

-- Never kick or hit your natural gas meter or its piping to break away built-up snow or ice.

-- If you feel there is a potential problem or smell natural gas, call Columbia Gas at 1-888-460-4332.

Source: Columbia Gas of Maryland

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