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Snow tales

February 18, 2003

Turner Van Service limited its service to emergency-related calls during the storm but, as usual, the company received many nonemergency calls, owner George Turner said Monday.

Until about 5 p.m. Monday, people calling the business for rides were told "emergency calls only."

Turner would only give transportation to doctors and nurses and others needed in an emergency.

Meanwhile, people called asking for rides to get cigarettes or liquor and were turned down, said Turner's son, Thomas.

They had to tell people to wait, George Turner said.

"If we had magic carpets or something, we would do it," he said.

He will never forget that one person called during a major snowstorm asking for a ride to get a hamburger at a fast-food restaurant, he said.

And he recalls his response: "You better get your skis on, partner, because that is the only way you are going to get a burger."


Reading and the Internet have helped Penn State Mont Alto nursing teacher Sherry Goertz, 43, get caught up on schoolwork during the snowstorm.

She said a lot of family time had been spent with her husband and five children Monday. Goertz said her family members have done some sledding but they have their eyes on skiing once they're mobile.

"We like the snow," she said.

Waynesboro, Pa., resident Nancy Girio, 42, said she likes being snowed in, too. Her family of four did a lot of cooking and baking Monday - brownies, muffins and soup - and had plans to hit the snow-covered hills with sleds later on.

Meanwhile, Girio took advantage of time off to clean out her cupboards.

Compiled by staff writers Scott Butki and Stacey Danzuso

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