Bowman gives safety awards

February 17, 2003

Truck drivers and shop personnel from D.M. Bowman Inc. were recently recognized for their safety year.

Award recipients based at the Williamsport terminal include:

One year - David Baker, Robert Cosner, Dorus Crim, George Merrill, Alan Staats, Allen Marcum, William McLean, Chet Stoltzfus, David Bartmess, Gene Bowers, James Gatton Jr., Richard Holler, Jason Hood, Ernest Mincher, Michael Stanley and Donald Watson.

Two years - Daniel Brugh, Alvin Keefer, Barry Vanhorn, Larry Zach, George Ehly and Calvin Loveless.

Three years - Gary Farrell.

Four years - Carmelo Diaz, Guyowen Hall, Edward Mason, Peggy Neef, Joe Whitacre, Larry Wysk and Wade Barton.

Five years - Bill Harris, Ray Stoddard, Christopher Shipp and Lowell Coats.

Six years - Charles Bowman, Rachel Allen, John Conner, Jerry Hoffman, Scott Owens and Ron Searman.

Seven years - Kurt Sanders, Watson Sigel, Roger Stokes, Charles Buffington and James Lyle.

Eight years - Charles Fischer, Jim Gusciora, Michael Hallock and Ricky Lang.


Nine years - Richard Myers, Rodney Smith, William Steele and John Miller.

11 years - Charles Collis, John Dolan, Don Rankin, Roy Gochenauer and Greg Hunt.

12 years - Michael Banner, Robert Davis and James Steel.

13 years - Samuel Blackburn and Jay Burkett.

14 years - Roger Mellon, Charles Stambaugh, Ruth Mellott and Gary Johnson.

15 years - Terry Helman.

16 years - Mark Bell, Roger Johnston and Gerald Mellott.

18 years - Lewis Eby.

19 years - Butch Burkett.

22 years - John Price.

24 years - Joe Nesselrodt.

Safe working award recipients at the Williamsport terminal and warehouse include:

One year - Coty Mugaha, Joel Wolfe, Dave Sprecher, Ken Mason and Shelby Stadler.

Two years - Matt Anders, Luke Knott and Terry Shatzer.

Three years - Chris Clever, Tom Lord, Robert Standish and Darrin Unger.

Four years - Kevin Banzoff, Chris Custer, Andrew Edmands, Joe Michalsky, Bonnie Phillips, Richard Streletz, Jake Tosten, Marcius Vanmeter, Ron Beland and Steve Swope.

Five years - Mike Lark.

Six years - Randy Knott and Greg Salamone.

Eight years - Christopher Scott.

11 years - John Rosier.

13 years - Charles Cline.

15 years - Eugene Bowman and George Mills.

16 years - Todd Hoffman.

17 years - Mike Boarman, Billy Clever, Terry Helman, Mike Murray and Jeff Spies.

21 years - Roger Dayley and Bill Wolfe.

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