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Gas-saving tips from AAA

February 17, 2003

AAA has the following tips to drivers to save at the gas pump:

  • If you own multiple cars, use the one that is most fuel-efficient.

  • Consolidate trips and errands to cut down on driving.

  • Find one location to do all your shopping and other chores.

  • Comparison shop by phone or through newspaper advertisements.

  • Drive slower; the faster a car travels, the more gas it burns. Leave enough time to reach your destination at a proper speed.

  • Avoid quick starts and sudden stops. This wastes fuel, is harder on vehicle components and increases the odds of an accident.

  • Routinely maintain your vehicle. Keep the tires inflated, moving components lubricated and ignition and emission systems operating properly.

  • Lighten the load. Do not haul extra weight in the passenger compartment, trunk or cargo area of your vehicle.

  • Check your vehicle's owners manual on whether your vehicle needs premium or mid-grade fuel and, if not, purchase less expensive regular unleaded gas.

  • Shop for low gasoline prices locally but don't waste gas driving to a distant filling station to save a few cents.

Source: AAA

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