Letters to the editor - 2/15

February 17, 2003

Help plan life after Central Chem

To the editor:

I am coming to the defense of Commissioner John Munson. Commissioner Munson championed what he believed was a good cause. That is, excess government spending, a high debt balance and a salary increase for the County Commissioners.

I have seen the county detention center from the outside and it does not look like the Taj Majal. It is what it is, a place to house offenders convicted of a crime and those awaiting a trial.

Commissioner Munson portrayed the county government as the Frankenstein Castle and he was to lead the masses in storming the castle. When Commissioner Munson entered the gates of the castle the gates then closed behind him. Once inside with the masses still out, he found that there was no monster inside and everything was as it should be.

Commissioner Munson believed what he was doing was just, yet those who followed, working in a business and self-employment environment, should have known that government is not a business-for-profit entity. So do not rally against him now, but rather look to those who voted him into office.


The salary that is such a focal point now can be placed into a 401K plan which would be deducted before taxes. Commissioner Munson could then donate the monies to charity when he leaves public office.

Jaime Trujillo


Great effort

To the editor:

The Smithsburg Library Auction raised $5,500 for the new Smithsburg branch library. The Friends of the Smithsburg Library wish to thank all the people who donated items, attended the sale and kept the bidding lively.

Denny and Sue Stouffer, of Stouffer's Auction Company and their staff, donated their time and energy to make our sale a success. Ken and Kaye Duncan gave us the use of the auction building and donated many items from their antique shop. Jake Keller and Ken Duncan did a great job setting up the merchandise for the sale.

The Dixie Eatery and the Cavetown Homemakers donated the food. What's a country auction without steamers and homemade goodies?

Donations came in from Smithsburg, Hagerstown, Clear Spring and other towns in the county. It was a wonderful community effort.

Once again, the area businesses came through with generous gifts. We appreciate the fact that community organizations and nonprofits are always soliciting businesses for donations. We understand that a small business owner can only stretch its resources so far. The Smithsburg Library is fortunate to have such staunch supporters.

The "Friends" salute Past Time Antiques, Total Lube, Cavetown Liquors, Jeter Paving, Katie's House, The Lily Pad, Phil & Jerry's Meats & More, Mountain Edge Christmas Tree Farm, Manny's Oriental Rugs, Sleep Inn & Suites, John Pullaro of Edward Jones, The Tanning Zone, Beaver Creek County Club, Boy Scout Troop 14, Sen. Don Munson and Del. Bob McKee.

The Smithsburg Library building funds now stands at $650,000. We are working toward a $1,000,000 goal and to break ground in early 2004. The next fund-raiser is a Basket Bingo, March 2, a House & Garden Tour, May 17 and a Motorcycle Poker Run, June 22. Thanks to all for your support. All of us working together will make our dream of a modern library in Smithsburg come true.

Judith E. Ferro, President

Smithsburg Library Board

Friends of Smithsburg Library

Fundamentalists will indeed dominate

To the editor:

I would like to reply to Allan Powell's latest tirade against Christianity. I doubt that there are more than a few who take seriously anything he writes, but "silence gives consent," hence the reply.

Since his letter deals with "fundamentalists," perhaps it would be best to explain what that term means. It encompasses those who believe the core doctrines of the Bible, such as the Deity of Christ, the virgin birth of Christ, his death and resurrection in payment of the sins of anyone who will accept that sacrifice for their sin, a real heaven and a real hell, etc. In other words, those who are really Christians - for, how can you take out those doctrines and have anything of substance left?

As usual, Powell also gets around to the subject of evolution, which seems to him to be a guaranteed "hit" on Christians. There are many scientists that are Christians (and many who are not), highly educated, prominent members of the scientific community, who do not for one minute believe in evolution. How can anyone with just a very moderate intelligence believe that all the wonders around us "just happened," or that life began in some mud puddle?

Another interesting point in his article was the notation that the fundamental Christian groups are growing, but other non-fundamentalist groups are losing members.

The reason for that Mr. Powell, is that those losing groups have nothing to offer their people to build their lives on. And, of course, again he talks about the Bible's inconsistencies, errors and out of date statements without listing specifics - because that is a little hard to do, isn't it?

But, I am glad to see that Powell got one thing right in his writing - his title. It was, "Fundamentalism too dominant to contain."

Because when Christ returns as per the Bible promise, those who love him and follow him will still be here awaiting that return - guaranteed by Christ himself.

Jerre Snider

Waynesboro, Pa.

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