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Mail Call for Feb. 13

February 14, 2003

"To the young couple who is going to have the child, I praise you ever so much for having your child, even though someone else wrote in and told you that if you couldn't afford the child, you shouldn't have the child. If we all waited until we could afford a child, the population of the earth would be quite slim. And we probably wouldn't have any chance of getting into Heaven because clearly, Mary and Joseph couldn't afford their child. After all, they traveled by donkey and had to sleep in a manger and gave birth to the baby in a barn. And they were as poor as poor could be, but they had their child. They didn't have an abortion. And they wrapped it in swaddling clothes. If you have your child and you love your child and you love each other, it doesn't matter what some idiot has to say about having children until you can afford them. I come from a family of seven. My mother could barely afford one. She just said, you know what you do? You just drop another potato in the pot and you make sure you get a little extra laundry soap to wash the diapers. God bless you and God bless you for having the child. God sent the baby here for a purpose and I'm glad to see you're letting it have a chance to live. Praise you. God bless you and amen."


"Why is it no matter what time of the night when you drive by Wheaton Park, the basketball court located off Jonathan Street, that the lights are always on, burning brightly? I don't see the lights on at the other basketball courts in the city. Sounds like a waste of money to me. Thank you."

"A large amount of money was found at Martin's at Fountainhead Plaza. If you can tell me the amount and what the money was in, you may call 301-797-7537, and ask for Carol."

"Why does President Bush have to quote the Bible constantly at public events when he is speaking? Like when the shuttle went down and he had to come on and tell the nation and he had to use a passage from the Bible. And don't call up and say, 'Hey, this country was founded on religion.' I get that part of it. We also have freedom of religion, which also means freedom from religion. President Bush is supposed to represent everyone in the United States. He is our president, although we didn't elect him. Anyway that's a whole other story. Can't he be more bipartisan, instead of partisan? He is quoting a specific viewpoint of a specific religion and that is meant more for personal use, not public use. He's supposed to represent everyone. Not everyone is of the same religion he is."

"I'm tired of people complaining about John Munson. People think he's dumb. John Munson is now commissioner and he's not leaving and he's gonna take his pay raise. He won the election. 'Nuff said."

"I was very disappointed that I didn't see my comment in the paper concerning the homeless people and helping them at a church. This will probably be the last phone call that I make. I really was sincere about that and I didn't see it, so thank you."

"This is to the person who was in such a rush to get home or wherever they needed to go Feb. 10 on West Washington Street. The little animal that you hit was a 3-month-old German shepherd, who was the best friend of three small children and you killed her. I just wanted to let you know that the dog's name was Diamond, and you took her away."

"Yes, I think it's time we go ahead and remove Saddam and forget about the United Nations. They're nothing but a bunch of cowards that you can't trust in the first place. The only time they want anything to do with the United States is when they got their hands out waiting for somebody to give them something. Those countries that didn't go along with the resolution are a bunch of sleazebags to begin with and they can't be trusted. It's time to quit talking and it's time for action. Thank you."

"Yes, we just voted Glendening out of an elected office to get rid of him. And now he is being put as the head of the Smart Growth Agency. We don't need him back in there telling us what to do. Let's change the name quickly. Bye."

"Yes, isn't Mr. John Munson just another Republican elected by Republicans? Thank you."

"I have the solution for dust on the computer and coffee stains on the computer. Do not drink coffee while you are at your computer keyboard and also dust once in a while."

"Yes. I'd like to make a comment about our Commissioner John Munson. First off, he wanted to give us $10,000 back. Now, he wants to cut all the workers in Washington County. Now, he wants to privatize all the schools in Washington County. Seems to me that maybe he ought to resign before the people in this county get up in arms enough and try to impeach him if that is a possibility. I'd like to know who voted for him, and if they did, they got what they deserved."

"Yes, I have lost a set of keys, possibly, near Borders or Marshall's over at the Centre. It has a big butterfly on it. It is easy to identify and my number is 301-797-4981. Should anyone find it, I would appreciate a call. Thank you."

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