Mail Call for 2/12

February 13, 2003

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"Good old Washington County never ceases to amaze me. We have an embarrassment to the Republican Party by the name of John Munson. Now he wants to do away with the schools. Just think only three and a half more years to see his ideas. Then on the school board, we have Mrs. Wagner, who never saw a dollar that she couldn't waste in our schools. When is she ever going to realize that there is not enough money for everything? The schools have to make do like other government agencies. Come on Mrs. Wagner, get a grip, not every school system is rich."


"I would like to know where John Munson got his education? I read the paper on Feb. 7 and 8, I don't think you even passed ninth grade because you don't use good English. You set a terrible example for Washington County School children. Please step down. From a concerned parent."

"In The Daily Mail on Friday, Jan. 31, there was a long article about Gov. Ehrlich's plan for slot machines. This plan is to put a large number of them at the racetracks in Maryland. The profit from them is to be spent on education. Toward the end of the article, there was a small paragraph that Gov. Ehrlich would set aside $500,000 annually from the profit of slot machines for treatment programs for compulsive gamblers. Does it make sense to set up something to encourage gambling, which can become compulsive, then use the profit to treat this compulsion?"

- Boonsboro

"To the people asking about the refund from the gas company in Boonsboro. It is my understanding that the answer is if you are a new customer, you get a refund and won't be charged a hazmat fee. If you are an old customer, you will not get a refund and you will continue to be charged the hazmat fee."

"Now the Board of Education wants part of the transfer tax that hasn't even passed yet. I tell you, there is going to be retribution from the state level all the way down through the county commissioners and the Board of Education. They all got their hands in there and they can't wait to get that money. Washington County had a four and a half percent growth in the tax base. They shouldn't even need a dime. I say go ahead and lay off some of the city and county employees. I am not talking about the ones that are on their lunch hour going to the restaurants. I am talking about the ones that are in the grocery store, in their uniforms, shopping at 9 a.m. when they are supposed to be on the job. Not all those employees are bad, but there are a lot of them that abuse their job."

"How did John Munson ever get elected? What is because his name was Munson?"

"Another snow fall and another time that the snow in front of Delegate Donoghue's office was not cleaned from the sidewalk. I walk downtown daily and this snow is always there. Another snow fall is coming, let's see if they clean it off this time."

"I am getting tired of these businesses that never answer their phones, they just keep playing you recordings. I called the Motor Vehicle Administration and wanted to know, if I went out there if it is going to cost the same amount it does to renew your license. They won't give me a live person to talk to. "

"I have been looking at a house in Sharpsburg, I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any sex offenders who live there. I would really like to know this before I move there. It seems like a nice little town."

"I couldn't believe reading in Monday's Mail Call where a man couldn't afford his insurance or able to buy prescriptions and was asking for a number in Canada. This country is supporting all these other countries and sending aide overseas, but yet our people are the ones that really need the help. It's a shame."

"Is it illegal for children under 18 to be playing bingo in a club where they have tip jars and alcohol? I think someone should check into this."

"To the person who was asking about Canada Prescriptions. Why go to Canada when we have a program in our own area where my mother receives her prescriptions for free. It is called Med Bank, the number is 301-393-3441 and they can help you get your medicine for free like my mother."

"Concerning the astronauts that just lost their lives, how can the TV station be so sick, about four or five hours after the crash, they announced that an arm and a hand had been found. How cruel of them to do that. They will do anything to make a dollar and get up there in the ratings. It is sad enough without hearing that. What do you think this broadcast is doing to the families?"

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