HCC, Wilson sign direct transfer agreement

The new deal is aimed at making the shift from a two-year college to a four-year college seamless for undergraduates.

The new deal is aimed at making the shift from a two-year college to a four-year college seamless for undergraduates.

February 12, 2003|by STACEY DANZUSO

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Aiming to make the shift from a two-year to four-year college "seamless" for undergraduates, the presidents of Wilson College in Chambersburg and Hagerstown Community College signed a direct transfer agreement Tuesday.

The articulation agreement between the two schools provides assured admission to Wilson College for students who have completed an associate degree at Hagerstown Community College and have junior-level standing.

"I think partnerships in education denote a new trend," said Guy Altieri, president of HCC. "This seamless transfer helps people we are in it to help."


Students transferring to Wilson will have equal opportunity to pre-register for classes and have access to other student services on the same basis as Wilson students of equal class standing.

Students who enroll full time are immediately eligible for a 25 percent scholarship as a result of the agreement. The value is $3,777 for the current academic year.

Wilson College President Lorna Duphiney Edmundson said the partnership will allow faculty and administrators to work more closely in defining curriculum.

The two schools previously had an agreement dating back more than 10 years, said Kathie Berard, dean of enrollment at Wilson.

"We're taking it to a new level," Edmundson said.

Altieri said HCC students take advantage of similar agreements with other institutions like Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"At any point in time Shepherd College has 300 of our students," Altieri said. "The more equipped we are with articulation agreements, the more successful we are with helping students succeed."

Edmundson said students will not lose any credits, as many do when transferring from one school to another.

Altieri said he hopes the arrangement will encourage more residents to seek higher education degrees.

Students must have a minimum of 60 credits to be ready for junior-level work.

Edmundson said this renewed agreement is far superior to the previous one.

"We agreed before to accept students if qualified. Now we are saying we want to look at curriculum and see how it flows and connects with ours so students don't lose credit," she said.

Altieri said he looks at it as dual enrollment. When a student is accepted to HCC, they are accepted to Wilson College, provided they complete course work and maintain a satisfactory grade-point average.

Both Hagerstown Community College and Wilson College have similar arrangements with other schools.

Edmundson said that reflects the trend in higher education.

"Statistics say 67 percent of all students go to at least two colleges," she said.

Wilson's College for Continuing Education is open to both men and women and has more than 400 students enrolled. Its residential college is open to women.

Wilson offers 22 majors and offers both bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees.

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