Mail Call for 2/11

February 12, 2003

"Could someone tell me where to find the information about what going into space has accomplished other than knowing that there is no life and there is a lot of junk floating around that may drop to Earth one day?"

- Hagerstown

"I see where Mr. (John) Munson won't make his pay raise an issue, when his term expires in four years, if he decides to run again. Don't worry, we'll make it an issue, we are watching him closely, because he talks out of both sides of his mouth."

"I want to know what the point in having a law that is not enforced. Every time it snows, a neighbor of mine uses his snow blower and throws it out in the street. I called the law and they do nothing. Is this is what the city police for, to uphold our laws? I am a very disappointed citizen who pays taxes."


"To the young couple that is going to have a child: I know you love your unborn child very much. Things will get better for you because you love your unborn child and each other. The problem with society isn't people having children they can't afford, it's people who give their children too many material things with no discipline in their home. Plus allowing society to make decisions for them in child rearing."

"How do you get coffee stains off your computer keyboard? Also, how do you keep dust off your keyboard?"

"Can anything be done to monitor traffic around the Dual Highway area near the bowling alley area? Cars at times seem to be going very fast around that area and further down around the Martin's Shopping Center. In bad weather, you would think that they would slow down some, but they don't. They tailgate you when you are going the speed limit."

"I am calling about the person complaining about the trash at Broadfording Road near the Centre at Hagerstown. How about taking five minutes with a plastic bag and clean it up? Five minutes won't hurt you."

"The United States has many problems. One of them is the lack of oil. Here is a question for someone: Some years ago, a boy in Pennsylvania, that I heard, discovered how to use corn as fuel for cars. He used it, and sold it. Our government found out, bought the rights to it. Why didn't our government follow through with this? It would have helped our economy and we wouldn't have to depend on other countries for fuel."

"In response to why people don't wait for their taxi cabs outside. Obviously you have never had to ride in a taxi. Sometimes it takes them 45 minutes to an hour and a half to come pick you up after you call them. Why would someone want to stand out in the cold all that time? Use your head."

"To the man who wanted a remote control to turn his wife's mouth off, why don't you turn your ears off, then you won't have to hear it."

"I like this in the paper on Friday, Feb. 7 where this man is looking for a remote control to turn off his wife's mouth. Well, I have been trying for 50 years to find one to turn a man's mouth off and haven't found one. If you find one, leave your number in Mail Call."

"John Munson doesn't have the intelligence, common sense or education to be a county commissioner. Shutting down all public schools is the most ridiculous idea yet. Why doesn't he just quit."

"Please ask John Munson to resign before Washington County becomes the laughing stock of the state."

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