Mail Call for 2/7

February 10, 2003

"I have a few questions: Why is it when you call a taxi, people aren't waiting or watching for the cab to come? These cabs will sit in front of the residents house and blow the horn, not only during the day but in the middle of the night. Please explain this to me."

"To the person that called into Mail Call about the shuttle blowing up over Texas, then went on to say that we have a president that is hated by the entire world. That is absolutely an idiot saying that."

"I would like to comment on the beer commercials that were on during the Super Bowl. I thought the Bud Light commercial was hilarious."

"After attending the neighborhood watch meeting at the VFW on Tuesday, Feb. 4. It appears that some changes are needed immediately. Officers are to be nominated and elected by a majority vote. Not appointed by one person. Professionalism needs to be the top priority. The criticizing and arguing with those who attend needs to stop. This is supposed to be a neighborhood watch group, not a one man show. The attendance is dropping off each month and will continue to do so unless some major changes are made and made soon."


"I love to read Tim Rowland's columns. Keep up the good work, Tim."

"Does anyone know of an organization or some place I can take my cat to? I have to move to an apartment, but I can't take him to a good home and not the SPCA."

"I was wondering if anyone knows where you can buy a remote control to turn your wife's mouth off."

"What we need in Hagerstown is a coffee house for singles who are dating for the ones who don't want to go to a bars, where they don't feel obligated. At a coffeehouse they would feel at ease. For singles of all ages."

"I asked about the 1099 form at work and they said they don't have to be out until Feb. 15. Is that true or not?"

"I just read where Iraq officials have said that if American troops invade Iraq they will inflict massive casualties on the American Troops. Real scary, huh? Are they going to inflict the same damage they did back in Desert Storm when we kicked their butt in 28 days? Ooh, frightening."

"To the person who was looking for a place for singles to hang out in Hagerstown other than a bar. Just wanted to let you know that there is going to be a Christian Coffeehouse on Friday, March 14, at the Huyetts Grange Hall. The hours are going to be 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and it's free. Any questions, call 301-393-4773."

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