Mail Call for 2/6

February 07, 2003

"To the young couple looking for clothes for the child you are having. Maybe you shouldn't have had that child until you could afford to have it. That is what's wrong with this country, too many people having children when they have no way of taking care of the children or no desire to have the 18 years of responsibility that comes with being a parent. I am tired of hearing people whine. If you can't afford a child and if you aren't mature enough to have one, then don't. Don't expect us as a society to take care of it. It's bad enough we have to pay for their education, when you do nothing to help them learn."

"Attention, people who walk their large brown dog through Greenbury Hills, we as homeowner's don't appreciate you letting your dog do it's dirty business on our lawn. We seen you on Saturday, if this continues, we will personally deliver it back to you on your doorstep. We know where you live on Greenbury Road. Please be consider, you don't want it in your front yard and we don't either."


"If anyone found a small boys coat, it is grey and blue at the Family Skate Center about two weeks ago on a Saturday, at a birthday party, please return it to the skate center. It belongs to an eight year old boy who really needs it."

"I was reading in the paper where a lot of people need organ transplants here in Maryland. I really feel that if our paper would print something like this more often, or maybe if our TV would remind us of the need of organs. There is no reason for 16 people to die each day because of an organ not being donated somewhere. Maybe it's a subject nobody likes to think about, but you know, if we could save some of these lives, especially the children, what a blessing that would be. Let the public be aware of this need a lot more often."

"Does the county have inspectors that drive around and check for liter in the neighborhoods? I wish they would drive by on Broadfording Road, west of the Centre of Hagerstown, take a look at this area. It's getting really bad out there."

"Congratulations to Sharpsburg again, we can't keep them there. What is going on in town, we can't keep them there for the entire term. Then, we have council people who don't want to have playground equipment installed, but yet, they want to put a few hundred dollar picture in a room where nothing happens but fighting. We have a new restaurant that opened up that serves liquor with no liquor license, we have the town barber beating up on younger boys at a local bar. What is going on with Sharpsburg? Come on, come alive, let's get someone in there that is going to do something to get the town cleaned up."

"What did that guy get for murdering another man, two years ago on Feb. 4 at Robinwood. I wonder what kind of jail time he got for murdering another person."

"I want to know if anyone knows of the Web site to go to find a complete list of all the sex offenders in the Hagerstown area?"

"I just heard that the county commissioner's are thinking about building a convention center. I think they better start building schools or repairing the ones that they have. They don't need a convention center, they need schools and more schools."

"I want to know why the weather and the school closing's that WARX has is now a toll call from Clear Spring, Hancock and I don't know where else. WARX is located on Commonwealth Avenue in Hagerstown. I know you took over the recent weather conditions, but isn't fair, get back on board and give us a free call. Knock it off."

"I am calling about Rt. 63 north at Pilot Filling Station. How many people are going to have to be killed before you do something about this. There is a solution, the trucks could come out at the light and go in at the upper part. Why doesn't someone tell these trucker's this before someone else is killed on this road."

"In response to the person who wants to know about selective service. You go to your local post office, you have to be 18, it's mandatory and you have to have it done by your 18th birthday."

"For the person complaining about not having a number to call for the Vehicle Emissions Testing Center in Hagerstown. Why don't you call Ken Ehrlich and see if he can't put out a phone number for that."

"In order to register for selective service, you have to go to downtown post office, you have to do it before you turn 18, you are supposed to carry your selective service card on you until you turn 26."

"The Polar Bear Swim was on Jan. 25, Governor Ehrlich did go in and it was on the news and in the paper. Maybe you should watch the news or read the paper a little more often."

"To anyone who is planning a wedding. I recently got married and I have a stack of bridal magazines that I would like to give away to anyone interested in them. Call me at 301-797-1735 if you are interested in them."

"To the person who wanted to know if anyone else had gotten medicine from Canada and if it was OK. I have a year supply here, which is about 15 prescriptions. Yes, everyone of them are fine. They are very nice to talk to on the phone and they are about 50 percent less than what we pay here. For the simple reason, the doctors and the pharmacies aren't making anything off of it. If Canada can do it, why can't the United States give it to us cheaper?"

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