Mail Call for 2/5

February 06, 2003

"Wake up Williamsport, there is hope, there are three candidates running for council, not the chosen people, not the party of the old. New three individuals."

"Concerning the library and the homeless people that go there. It is the fault of the library, why doesn't security throw these people out. When you see these people sitting there pretending to read, sleeping on the desk, whatever, why don't they just throw them out? You hire security to throw them out."

"I want to know why everyone is against Susan Sarandon now?"

"Boy those recycle bins for the papers are very nice, we filled ours up, set it out. Three days later it is still sitting along the curb, full of paper, just like it was when we put it out. They will never come to get it, you will have to call the city just like we had to when they didn't get it on the day were supposed to before."


"Please don't throw away your books or magazines, there is always someone who would benefit from them. Leave a phone number to have them picked up. Also give your clothing to a church or the American Red Cross. There are a lot of people and children who need clothing, shoes and coats, especially in the winter time. Please help them and don't charge them."

"Some people say homeless people are drug addicts and convicts. They are ordinary people like us who are down on their luck. One person stated, 'let them look for a job.' Unless you have a fixed address or decent looking clothes, they won't hire you. Especially now that so many people are out of work due to hundreds of businesses closing. Employers have a large choice of who to hire. Just remember that one day, this could be you."

"There is no doubt that the shuttle was a terrorist attack. Isn't it strange that this happened over Texas? Unfortunately, it is probably only the beginning of our ills in this country because we have a president that is hated by the entire world. No wonder."

"In November 2001, the Bush Administration was told that North Korea was working on enriching plutonium to make nuclear weapons. Less than two months after the World Trade Center, the Bush Administration knew about North Korea's breaking of all the trees in order to have weapons of mass destruction. What does the Bush Administration do, absolutely nothing. Why? For political reasons, because he wanted to go after Saddam, who knows? But he let an opportunity slip to stop North Korea from making nuclear weapons, and now the whole world is held hostage by North Korea. That isn't the kind of leadership we need in Washington, the president obviously doesn't know what he is doing or how to handle world affairs."

"I think it's so funny reading all the discussions in the paper about the slot machines and how they thought gambling was immoral, so why did you vote for a Republican governor? He told you up front that you were going to get slots and now you have them. I say let's have them because all the money is going out of Washington County to Jefferson County, so we might as well keep the money for ourselves."

"Concerning the astronauts that just lost their lives. How sick of the TV stations, they announced that an arm and a hand was found. How cold and cruel for them to do that. I think it's terrible and maybe we should demand that they stop broadcasting something like that, we don't need to know all that, it's sad enough, we don't need to hear things like that. What do you think this is doing to the family?"

"I read with great interest the little article about how the county commissioners need a new sound system in their meeting room and how it will cost $16,000 and they are going to start taking bids. Nowhere in the article did I see that they were going to pay for half of it out of their own pockets. But yet at Sharpsburg Elementary where we need a new intercom system, that is also going to cost us $16,000. We were told by the principal, that the school has to pay for half of it, meaning parents, concerned citizens and then the county will pay the other half. What's the deal. Why on earth are parents being asked to pay for school equipment? If the roof gets a whole in the roof tomorrow, do we have to start raising a fund to patch the hole?"

"I am greatly saddened by the death of seven wonderful human beings who were so much a contribution to our society, not only here in America, but all around the world. These people chose, and I will repeat that, they chose to be highly educated, highly motivated and they were truly an asset to and a contribution to our society. But I look at all the creeps walking up and down the streets, especially here on E. Washington Street, if I had in my power, I would remove seven of them to bring back the seven astronauts who died."

"In Saturday's paper, Mayor Breichner said that due to funding, the city would only be able to fix pot holes, that they wouldn't have any money to do anything else. Well, this would be an improvement, if you have ever driven down Pennsylvania Avenue you will see how bad it is now."

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