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Mail call for 2/4

February 05, 2003

"Hey, guess what? Did you ever try to call the Vehicle Emissions Testing center here in Hagerstown? We tried, you get an 800 number in Baltimore and when you ask them for the local number, guess what? They don't have access to a public telephone. You can't call them. It looks like Gov. Glendening really put it to us. We have a $14 million building and you can't even make a phone call to it."

"I heard our new governor was going to do the polar bear swim. I haven't seen anything in the paper. Is he or isn't he?"

"I am still waiting to hear someone's input on the selective service. Where do I go? How old do I have to be? Is it mandatory and how old do you have to be before you have it done?"

"There wasn't one person condemning all the beer commercials that were on TV during the Super Bowl. Also on the local news and in the local paper, that is all you see was beer in front of them all. Also, all the parties going on and stuff, not one word was said about that, but everyone condemns everyone smoking."


"If you believe that the only people who have nice homes and cars to enjoy are lawyers, doctors, politicians or drug dealers, then you are limiting yourself to the things that you could be enjoying in your life. My advice to you is to concentrate less on what other people have and enjoy what you do have."

"I thought the state of Maryland was bad when Gov. Glendening was behind the wheel, but now that I look at the bigger picture and see the United States of America with George Bush behind the wheel, this whole country is about to go down the tubes. If and when he does send this country to war with Iraq, we are just going to spiral downwards. There is no coming back out of this. We have to impeach and get him out of there before he does something that everyone else is going to regret. When this is all over, he can go back to live life grand on his ranch."

"Someone called Mail Call about junk cars on Crystal Falls Drive and wanted someone in the county to check this out. Nobody has even looked in to the untagged cars on Brookridge Drive in Boonsboro, so when they do that, then they can look into the junk cars on Crystal Falls Drive also."

"After reading the comment about the husband and wife that both work five days a week and about the person who responded back that the only people who can afford good things are the developers. I am a stay at home mom, my husband makes $52,000 a year, we have a house, three vehicles and a pool and we don't need anything extravagant. We live comfortably, we aren't in serious debt. It can be done, you just need to know how to budget yourself. That's it, budget."

"I am calling about your question about the houses, the boats and the cars. These people are probably in debt up to their eyeballs."

"I think that the Hagerstown City Council should be congratulated for spending our tax money when we are in a deficit crisis with the state. We are going to take $27,000 out of a state grant, which is already in trouble and we are going to spend $100,000 for a water slide at the pool which will only be used three or four months out of a year. Thanks for spending our money so wonderfully."

"I found a kids' CD carrier at Martin's by Valley Mall. If you lost this, I will be glad to give it back to you if you can describe it. Please leave your number in Mail Call."

"I would like to thank the gentleman that helped me out at the Robinwood Medical Center, helped me into the wheelchair and pushed me down to where I had to go. I didn't get his name, but I wanted to thank him for helping me. I also wanted to thank the lady who helped me when I was ready to leave. I just wish that there were more people like them around."

"I want to see one road repaved, it needs it very badly. If you are coming from Frederick Street onto West Memorial Boulevard to South Potomac Street. The entire side of the street that runs along the stone wall and the road around City Park Circle, the railroad tracks are rough. I would like to see these roads paved."

"Man, $16,000 for a new sound system for the county commissioners' meeting room. This is the way this county wastes money. Come on guys, times are hard, make the old PA system last another year."

"This is to warn the people around Leitersburg, Ringgold, Md. 60 area about a cell phone tower trying to come in. The hearing will be on Feb. 5. People better watch out because you are gong to end up with a second one around the same area."

"On Friday, Jan. 31, at 9:20 a.m., my wife just saw the first robin we have seen all year in our backyard in Cloverton, outside of Williamsport."

"How could the city spend $105,000 on a swimming pool slide used for three months out of the year when the city police haven't even had a contract for the past two years?"

"Del. Chris Shank's multiple taxation schemes are making him look more and more like a liberal Democrat posing as a Republican. If he wants to tell the county commissioners what to do, he should have run for county commissioner."

"I don't think the city should abandon the bulk trash pick-up program. People who are too lazy to set trash out for free, certainly aren't going to pay $20. Instead they are going to pile it along garages in their backyards, making nice neighborhoods look like messy landfills and that will give the code enforcement officers a heavier work load."

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