Changes in graduation requirements approved

February 05, 2003|by PEPPER BALLARD

The Washington County Board of Education voted 6-0 Tuesday to change high school graduation requirements to add one math credit and two elective credits for a total of 24.

Schools Deputy Superintendent for Instruction Patricia Abernethy said the Washington County Association of Student Councils and Parent Teacher Association agreed with the requirement change.

She said students can take up to 32 credits in the course of their high school career.

Lauren Low, student representative to the School Board, said she likes the new requirements.

"I believe the extra math course gives students one extra math class that will look good on their college rsums," she said.


The School Board also included a requirement that students take the Maryland High School Assessments, beginning with next year's freshman class.

School Board Executive Director of Secondary Education Boyd Michael has said students are now required to take three math credits, including one in algebra and another in geometry. He has said he hopes the additional requirement will help students better prepare for life after high school.

Michael has said that since the School Board won't know what the passing score for the Maryland High School Assessments will be until after the spring tests, the wording, for now, will only require students to take the test.

Schools Spokeswoman Carol Mowen said the local school system would adapt its policies to state requirements.

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