Junk vehicle law mulled

February 05, 2003|by JULIE E. GREENE

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg officials are considering a proposed law for junk vehicles.

The issue came up because town officials have been dealing with a resident who has had vehicles that Town Attorney Charles Wagaman referred to as a "visual eyesore" on private property since last summer. Town officials wrote to the property owner, but the problem still exists, Wagaman said Tuesday.

Mayor Sidney Gale said a meeting date will be set to give the public a chance to comment. The date will be advertised in the newspaper.

The proposed law states people cannot have junk vehicles on their property for more than 30 days. A junk vehicle is described as one that is wrecked, disabled, dismantled, partially dismantled, inoperative, abandoned or discarded. It also could be a vehicle that is unregistered or unlicensed, unless it is up for a safety inspection certificate.


The town could have the vehicle towed if it has not been moved within 72 hours of notice, the proposal states.

It is OK if the junk vehicle is enclosed in a building or is connected to a legal and licensed wrecker or scrap- processing business, the proposal states.

The proposal provides an exception for one junk vehicle to be allowed to be stored at the owner's permanent residence as long as the property owner has a title to the vehicle. The vehicle must be no closer than 200 feet from any neighbor's primary residence.

Wagaman asked the mayor and Town Council to look over the proposal and let him know if they want changes.

The penalty for violation could be up to $1,000 per violation, including each day after notice is issued and the problem isn't remedied, Wagaman said.

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