All set for golf and baseball

February 05, 2003|by TIM KOELBLE

Well, have you had your total fill of professional football now that the Pro Bowl is over with?

Did you even bother to turn on the television and watch the Pro Bowl? I certainly didn't.

For that matter, did you even bother to watch the National Hockey League All-Star game? I certainly didn't nor will I even bother with hockey until the Stanley Cup playoffs, if I have time.

Obviously, we still have high school sports going on, but let's forget about that venue at this particular moment.

This is the time of year when I am grateful that the PGA Tour is on television.

I'm grateful for the networks providing the glut of college basketball games, including the women.

This helps fill the void because nothing else is on the tube.

I'm glad you just asked me about the NBA.

I'll tell you I could care less about the overpaid babies (soon to include LeBron James) playing these days. I really don't care to listen to Marv Albert and especially Bill Walton (yes, I can put up with Dick Vitale in college, baby).


About six weeks from now it will be an even better time of the year when baseball starts to kick things into gear with spring training.

I hear you asking me about the overpaid baseball players?

Well, yes they are, but I'm a baseball fan all the way. In my book, it's still the National Pastime.

While I cringe at the salaries and ticket prices, I still love watching the boys of summer and I'll even take in a minor league game or two along with the high school boys.

I've got my Baltimore-Cleveland tickets for the season-opening series at Camden Yards. I'm ready. Bring on the crab cakes, hot dogs and beer.

I'll even be ready to get to Municipal Stadium in June and July to see the Suns play the Lake County Captains. They're the newest team in the South Atlantic League and based in my old hometown of Eastlake, Ohio.

Don't let me forget about fantasy baseball. I'm starting to get my mind focused on that, too.

In just a short time - and throughout the exhibition baseball season - I certainly plan to fill the void by getting to the driving range and start honing my golf game. Each year, I know that I have to practice more because my game slides a little deeper into depression, but as long as I work enough at it to keep the handicap in the 12-15 range, I'm OK.

I'm looking forward to my first full year here and visiting as many golf courses as I can throughout the area.

Yep, I really don't care about the NBA, especially that football is over. Don't we all have much better things to do with our time all the way into June?

* Oh yes. You're possibly expecting me to fill this column about LeBron James. Our coverage has well-documented what's been going on in Akron, Ohio. In the Cleveland-Akron area, papers have bombarded the reader with all kinds of fact and opinions, more than any scholastic individual deserves regardless the reason.

Soon enough, the legal experts will probably file an injunction that will allow James to finish the season. Surprised?

Six weeks from now the entire fiasco will wash away when the season is over and King James can financially go his own way with his stuffy entourage to the NBA.

So I don't have to say it in mid-March, I'll say it now. Good riddance.

* Recognizing those who recognize what we write, kudos go out to North Hagerstown and coach Tim McNamee. Printed rosters. Media table space. Good job.

Tim Koelble is a staff writer for The Herald-Mail. His column appears every other Tuesday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2311, or by e-mail at

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