James shares in blame

February 03, 2003|by MARK KELLER

This week, a few short takes.

  • When are the people surrounding LeBron James going to let him accept some responsiblity for his actions?

    Everyone except the 18-year-old superstar has had an accusatory finger pointed at them, from his coach to his school to the store owner who gave him two "retro jerseys" to the media that put him on a pedestal.

    Certainly all of the above share some of the blame, if not for his accepting the gifts then for exploiting the kid.

    But as savvy as all have been in promoting James, can anyone believe that he didn't know the rule that said he could not accept such gifts?


In addition, was their no inkling in his mind that it was just wrong morally?

James' followers - or hangers-on, take your pick - are definitely starting him on the right road for the NBA, though.

What's he learned? Do what you want to do and to heck with the consequences. You can sidestep them by simply blaming someone else.

  • Just what is Vince Carter thinking?

    Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson graciously offered to give up their starting spot in next weekend's NBA All-Star Game to Michael Jordan, who will be appearing in the game one final time (allegedly) as a reserve.

    Jordan politely declined the offers of both players.

    But Carter, like Jordan a product of the University of North Carolina, didn't make any such overtures to Jordan. Why?

    "There is a reason why, and it's the million-plus people that voted for me," Carter said.

    Whatever, Vince. You've played in about four games this year and should be thankful you're going to be there at all. If anyone should give up his starting spot to a legend, it's you.

  • OK, I'm scared now. Two items, two NBA mentions. I promise it won't happen again.

  • The Washington Capitals in first place at the All-Star break? What's this world coming to?

    The Caps actually hit their stride three weeks early this season, getting hot in mid-December instead of waiting until the new year.

    Olie Kolzig is playing well, Jaromir Jagr acts like he cares and their defense is much improved over last year.

    Could Washington actually be in for an extended playoff run?

    Don't get too excited yet. It's only February.

  • Yes, despite the deep freeze we've been stuck in here, pitchers and catchers report to training camp in less than two weeks.

    Thinking back to my buzzcut wager with Orioles fans last year, I'd like to up the ante this season.

  • ... What's that? My wife's on the phone?

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