Letters to the editor - 1/31/03

January 31, 2003

Williamsport: Village of the darned

To the editor:

My fellow citizens in Williamsport have opened my eyes to a great evil conspiring within the walls of our high school. How could the people entrusted with educating our youth even contemplate putting on a play written more than 100 years ago (BY A FRENCHMAN)?

A time when people didn't know that words such as bastard, bitch and hell were vile and vulgar. Those ignorant people used these horrible verbiages in their everyday language and thought nothing of it. We here in Williamsport have evolved far beyond those sad days. I personally believe that these words are why Harry Truman only served one term (we were on to him).

Thank goodness at least some of my fellow citizens were vigilant enough to catch these dastardly do-badders before it was too late. The thought of a 17-year-old high school student uttering the word bastard, bitch, or hell is nauseating. Isn't it? Especially under the guise of historical and artistic accuracy.


Luckily, we won't be turning out any Harry S Trumans here in Williamsport.

Bitch n. The female of the dog, wolf, or fox. (Colloq) an opprobrious term for woman. (Slang) to complain.

Bastard n. a child born out of wedlock; a coarse brown refuse product of sugar refining, used to color beer.

a. Illegitimate; false: counterfeit.

Hell n. the abode of the damned; the lower regions; a place or state of vice, misery, or torture.

By the way here's a freebie for you.

Opprobrious a. reproachful and contemptuous; shameful

Stephen Clark


Moose the movie is a bad idea

To the editor:

Just when you think you have found someone who you can say is a person of integrity and ethics they have to prove you wrong.

Such is the case of Chief Charles Moose. I read in the Sunday paper that he may be close to announcing a book deal and possibly a movie about himself. Do you know how many books are sitting in the book stores on the reduced-for- quick-sale shelf, for 60 percent off, because someone had a moment of glory and felt that they were worthy of an autobiography or even a movie?

The article does not mention anything about contributing the profits (assuming that enough people would buy the book) to the families who had loved ones killed during the sniper terror. It's a pity that the good work that the chief and other law enforcement people did will be tarnished by a man who does not mind prostituting himself.

The Montgomery County Ethics Commission prohibits public officials from using an office for personal gain or disclosing information about police investigations. It was stated in the article that an exception may be asked for. I really hope the Montgomery County Ethics Commission denies any request for exception in this case.

Chief Moose, please re-think this and start thinking and acting like the Chief Moose whom we watched at the press briefings and grew to respect and admire. You demonstrated a high degree of class, integrity and intellect. Keep it that way.

Fred McInturff

Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Keep dogs warm

To the editor:

During these painfully cold days, we should remember our friends who live out-of-doors. Many dogs suffer through inadequate shelter.

You can help by purchasing an insulated dog house and dropping it off at the Washington County Humane Society. They will take care of distributing it to dogs in need.

Dog houses can be purchased at a variety of places such as Lowe's, Wal-Mart and Petsmart. Large sizes are the most requested. Your help is appreciated.

Marsha L. Fuller


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